TEDFORD, Ian (Lieutenant Colonel)杜霍 中校

8 Responses to TEDFORD, Ian (Lieutenant Colonel)杜霍 中校

  1. cellrico says:


  2. cellrico says:

    Starter must know temper and characteristic of each horse at the barrier.

  3. hoof hoof says:

    入閘隊伍中最傑出是綽號’仔’之余永貴, 經過三十年, 杜霍中校上月仍懷念他!

  4. hoof hoof says:

    Starter team members are Unsung Heroes behind every race.

  5. 競馬 says:


  6. 競馬 says:

    Lt Col Tedford is now 84 yrs old but his memory for names is still very good

  7. myhorse says:


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