[:en]VIVA PATACA (G096)[:zh]爆冷 (G096)[:]

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  1. neckmain says:

    香港賽馬天地剛剛馬會退役表已列出牠的名字。 祝佢退役生活安康,享受退休生活。 爆冷,贏取獎金$82237500,是香港賽馬史上贏取獎金最多賽駒。

  2. RicoCell says:


  3. rewon says:

    “Viva Pataca has been the soundest horse you could train and has been the greatest servant a trainer could ask for,” – John Moore

  4. rewon says:

    大摩話: “爆冷一直保持最佳狀態, 牠是每一位練馬師夢寐以求的忠僕!”

  5. klc says:

    除咗兩隻爆冷,爆炸,爆燈,飛沙,走石,行雷,閃電外, 何生仲有冇養過其他?

  6. cellrico says:

    何鴻燊近年名下匹已退役: 飛沙, 走石, 行雷, 閃電, 爆炸, 爆瀉, 爆冷, 爆棚, 爆燈(J097); 現役: 爆發, 爆料, 爆燈(L628)

  7. klc says:


  8. cellrico says:

    有傳聞 爆冷 退休去咗澳門做訓練馬, 用嚟訓練見習騎師!

  9. aaaaaq says:

    所有退役,不外兩三個結局, 狗餅, 腳, 跳欄!

  10. klc says:


  11. RicoCell says:

    ‘Viva Pataca, has been voted Horse of The Year after waiting for 4 years, Dr Stanley Ho reminding racegoers that it’s first group I win was 2006 Derby.

  12. myhorse says:

    For the 2010 QE II CUP, Moore and rider Weichong Marwing employed new tactics, keeping him closer to the pace than usual.

  13. rewon says:

    VIVA PATACA won nearly all the major group races except missing a success at the International meetings in December.

  14. rewon says:

    VIVA PATACA held off Lizard’s Desire in the $1.8 million QE II Cup to win the eighth Group 1 triumph of his career, as an 8 years old gelding.

  15. enzorocky says:

    It’s cool!!!

  16. WrenSo says:


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