[:en]QUICKEN AWAY (BE121)[:zh]及時而出 (BE121) [:]

6 Responses to [:en]QUICKEN AWAY (BE121)[:zh]及時而出 (BE121) [:]

  1. 競馬 says:

    QUICKEN AWAY with Kinane on the saddle had its inaugural first race or Only Parading Non-race.

  2. 競馬 says:


  3. myhorse says:

    It was a surprise to crown QUICKEN AWAY by only winning 2 very ordinary races.

  4. myhorse says:

    及時而出」3歲 最初所贏2仗還受讓十多二十磅

  5. neckmain says:

    QUICKEN AWAY nearly landed 4 Chairman’s Prize in a roll.

  6. neckmain says:


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