Macwhinnie, Sir Gordon麥蘊利爵士

7 Responses to Macwhinnie, Sir Gordon麥蘊利爵士

  1. neckmain says:

    麥蘊利的 羅神駒, INCITATUS, 羅皇帝卡利古拉(公元37 – 41年在位)的。它的名字是拉丁語形容詞,意為“迅速”或“奔馳”。

    • 競馬 says:

      INCITATUS 根據蘇維托尼烏斯寫的《十二凱撒》(公元121年),有大理石馬房,象牙槽,紫色毯,寶石軛。迪歐卡修斯 表示該駒由僕人餵飼混合金箔的燕麥。

  2. neckmain says:

    1989-91, HKJC donated HK$2 billion towards building the University of Science and Technology, and Macwhinnie was appointed chairman of the campus project management committee which reduced the building time by three years.

  3. 競馬 says:

    The pilot PPG (private-purchase griffin) scheme is just one indication of that on-going commitment by Chairman Macwhinnie.

  4. rewon says:

    二○○七年七月, 名譽董事高登爵士,及麥蘊利爵士辭世!

  5. rewon says:

    He was a strong supporter of the HKICPA, having helped it to become a organisation for professionals rather than a mere social club.

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