[:en]Lusitano Cup[:zh]西洋會盃[:]

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  1. aheadq says:

    Lusitano Cup, presented by members of the Club Lusitano for one of the events at the big annual horse race meeting held in the Spring by the Hongkong Jockey Club

  2. aheadq says:

    到1884 年10 月,马会的第一次筹备会议在香港大会堂举行,成员包括来自德国会所、美国会所、西洋会所及各国洋行

  3. hoof hoof says:

    1976 APR Tony CRUZ on WINNING WILLIE scored the Lusitano Cup, it was his 39th win.

  4. hoof hoof says:


  5. 競馬 says:

    2012, he long-established Lusitano Cup was reduced to a Class Three scamper on the dirt.

  6. 競馬 says:

    蘭尼 (LANE G) 109場, 72-73 董事盃(雪山), 73-74沙宣挑戰盃(得順利), 西洋會盃(石器時代),

  7. neckmain says:

    Lusitano Cup is still an elegant trophy and arguably more meaningful than some that have appeared on the calendar.

  8. yuenmc says:


    1957-03-09 捷旋(莊洪康)
    1958-03-08 翩翩(郭子猷
    1959-03-14 先見(邱達禧
    1960-03-05 百寶(陳 杰)
    1961-03-04 五月花(林廣文)
    1962-03-10 星皇(郭子猷
    1963-03-02 得勝將軍(郭子猷
    1964-03-07 雅緻(唐宏洲)
    1965-02-27 田雞東(賴振輝)
    1966-02-19 妙蹄(蘇國仁
    1967-02-18 及鋒(郭子猷
    1968-02-24 及鋒(郭子猷
    1969-03-08 力博(麥美倫)
    1970-01-17 三寶(彭利來)
    1971-01-09 翠谷(谷 嘉)
    1972-01-08 樂童(吉 能)
    1973-01-27 荷蘭之寶(謝啟瑩)
    1974-04-15 石器時代(蘭 尼 )
    1975-03-22 家寶(夏 達)
    1976-04-03 威利(告東尼
    1977-04-30 金安(浩 德)
    1978-05-06 旺市(何鑑森)
    1979-05-05 富臨門(告東尼

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