[:en]GOOD BA BA (E201)[:zh]好爸爸 (E201)[:]

8 Responses to [:en]GOOD BA BA (E201)[:zh]好爸爸 (E201)[:]

  1. myhorse says:

    GOOD BA BA‘ was being the highest-rated Hong Kong horse in history at his prime time!

  2. myhorse says:


  3. neckmain says:

    GOOD BA BA deserves to be grazing in a lush paddock he deserves, but instead …..!

  4. neckmain says:

    好爸爸」又去澳門, 又去新加坡, 去而不退?

  5. open2us says:

    GOOD BA BA owner Mr Yuen’s second horse, RUN AND WIN, had 8 stable transfers in a 46 runs career.

  6. open2us says:


  7. aheadq says:

    好爸爸終於退役了..再次退役, 會唔會再上征途呢?

  8. aheadq says:

    25 March 2013: GOOD BA BA ran his last race behind Black Caviar at Moonee Valley on Friday night.

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