6 Responses to Badges馬牌證章

  1. rewon says:

    An additional smaller non-transferable badge will be issued to Member’s child aged 18 – 21 who has opted for racecourse signing rights.

  2. rewon says:

    1959-60 年度季的馬牌。由於不是由 W O Lewis (Badges) Limited 製造,所以質素一般

  3. 競馬 says:

    If a race meeting is cancelled or abandoned, the cost of the guest badges will be refunded and credited to the Member’s account automatically.

  4. 競馬 says:

    Dinesh 公司亦不負所託, 每季更新一次的設計橘合了傳統與優雅, 輔以上乘的用料, 每年 8 月例必帶來驚喜

  5. aheadq says:

    金碧輝瑝的會所, 最先進的設施, 加起來亦不及藏於一枚小鐵牌之中的尊貴與自豪。

  6. aheadq says:

    Members are reminded that any person who knowingly invites any barred persons onto the premises of the Club will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

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