[:en]Mr & Mrs Arthur da Silva[:zh]施雅治伉儷[:]

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  1. e70536 says:

    經典重溫- 高雅志+ 精英大師勝出2003香港短 · [賽馬] 《經典20》- 殖民首長, 鑽中寶 · 重溫200809季精采時刻! 1996 主席活力先生, 馬佳善活力先生沙宣挑戰杯 ·

  2. waterfallbay says:

    It’s wonderful

  3. 競馬 says:


  4. aheadq says:


  5. myhorse says:

    SILENT WITNESS 精英大師 carries bloodline of RIBOT which had similar record of 16 Starts, 16 Wins.

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