[:en]American Club Cup[:zh]美國會所盃[:]

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  1. hoof hoof says:

    1930, The American Cup immediately following a trend of added prize money for trophy races, it was then presented by members of the American Club, with $500 added for the winner.

  2. hoof hoof says:

    The 1959-60 season saw an interesting restoration to the programme: the St. George’s Cup reappeared, then the American Club Cup.

  3. e70536 says:

    2013-10-09 南非新人王田泰安 谷草四戰全勝+掃美國會所盃

    • RicoCell says:

      ye, Teetan scored on Yiu’s impressive young stayer Ambassadorship to bring up a double.

  4. e70536 says:

    walk over = 穿过; 走到另一地方; 把…带到另一地方; 无视…的 自动当选

    • RicoCell says:

      In British English, a walkover or W.O. (originally two words: “walk over”) is the awarding of a victory to a contestant because there are no other contestants, or because the other contestants have been disqualified or have forfeited (the winner has merely to “walk over” the finishing line).

  5. circlelo says:


  6. circlelo says:

    Mr Eu Tong-sen’s CAMERONIAN, in eight starts he won four and was placed in the rest before the American Club Cup.

  7. open2us says:

    白德民策騎「馬主光輝」捧走美國會所盃,贏壯行色。返回祖國,隨即於2011 Ethereal Stakes中不負眾望,策騎Gliding首名衝線。他與老友Bart Cummings再續前緣,偏偏之前Gliding未曾一勝,今次幾者集中一起隨即產生化學作用。

  8. open2us says:

    馬主 “美國會所團體” 的 威龍, 是香港賽馬史上其中一幕另類經典的一位主角!

  9. neckmain says:


  10. neckmain says:

    “美國會所團體” 的 威龍在牌仔莫理斯(練馬師卡法蘭的義子)袴下三奪頭

  11. RM says:

    AMERICAN EAGLE had enough natural ability to land 3 winners and multiple placings in class 1 and class 2 .

  12. circlelo says:

    「金倫人」 , 三天內連勝三場,在香港賽馬史中少見。

  13. racingmemorieshk-ymail says:

    威龍體形偏細小, 體高僅15.1 掌

  14. rewon says:

    Mr EU or his family might change their silk after his death around May 1941.

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