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2018-02-26 Great Racecourse Fire memorial public event

The 100th Anniversary of the Great Racecourse Fire memorial public event

On February 26, 1918, the worst fire in Hong Kong and the fire tragedy of more than 600 people were killed on the second day of the Hong Kong Horse Racing Annual Race at Happy Valley Race Course in Hong Kong. “The Tombstone of the Cemetery for the Cemetery of Hong Kong Ma Provens in Hong Kong” states: “After the newspaper was published, there were 6,104 people who reported that there were unaccompanied seniors living in the flats and hundreds of thousands of unknown women and children.” Afterwards, Tung Wah Hospital was responsible for disaster relief and funeral services and requested the Secretary for Home Affairs to turn to the government for land allocation to bury the bereaved dead man named “Wu Wu Ma Hanguang Cthus Female Cemetery”.

Date and time:
2018, February 26 (Monday) 10 am-11am

Causeway Bay sweep Po Po first refuge monument (next to the government stadium)

Patriarchs racecourse fire victims, a special clothing and commemorative stamps, guided tours and visits

E-mail will be accepted immediately ( for a maximum of 50 persons, up to a limit of 2 applicants each time.

Activities are conducted in Cantonese, free of charge. Participants will receive a copy of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Racecourse History Monument.

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