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1984-12-08 Cheng Hui Trench

FLYAWAY is quite a famous name related to horse racing especially during the era of colonial Hongkong.
1844, FLYAWAY, a horse in UK won lots of races recorded by the 《Sporting Magazine》. Runnings of Flyaway trophy were recorded thereafter.
1874, Paul Chater was 27, his FLYAWAY won the Celestial Cup.
1884, Flyaway Stakes, Derby, Garrison Cup,and the Champions Stakes were the big-4 trophy races.
1893 – 1905, Flyaway Plate races were recorded.
1904-02-24, Mody (Mr Buxey) CORONET ROSE won the big-4.
1905-02-23, Jardine (John Peel) Gresson on COTSWOLD won the big-4.
No more record of Flyaway was found untill 1971.
1966-10-15 season opening, FLYAWAY, owned by Governor Trench, ridden by Derek T C Cheng got their inaugural win.
1971-10-16_4, RHKJC held the Flyaway Cup 3 days before Governor Trench‘s retirement.
1977-05-14_3, CORVETTE, the only filly that won the trophy ever was owned by Sir John J Swaine.
1997-06-15_5, the final running of Flyaway Cup as trophy with colonial connotation.
The Most Winning Trainer, 4 times by Wong Siu-tang Alex.
Derek T C Cheng, Hui Sai Fun, Former Governor Sir David Trench, HKJC Centenary, Sha Tin Parade Ring, 1984-12-08

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