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1984-03-03 Laing, Cheng T C, Taylor, GAY EIGHTIES Oil painting -left

1984-03-03 Led-in HONG KONG GOLD CUP, left part of oil draft, from upper left:
RHKJC General Manager Robert Locking, Racing secretary Gordon Corrigan;
Stewards Eric Cumine, Mr Hui Sai Fun, Director of Racing Jimmy Barber, Sir Michael Sandberg, Li Fook Wo, Mr J L C Pearce, Sir Gordon Macwhinnie, Sir Oswald Cheung, Sir Kenneth Fung Ping-fan, Dr Harry Fang, Mr Simon Keswick, Sir Sidney Gordon;
CEO General Archer, Cerk of the Course Noel MCCAFFREY, Gary Moore, FOOTBALL
GAY EIGHTIES and Jockey Brian Taylor led-in by Dr Douglas Laing, his daughter and son-in-law Mr & Mrs Douglas & Evelyn Fergusson, with TC CHENG in a 1984 Hong Kong Gold Cup Oil painting by Circle Lo.

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