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1935-02-23_3 Tao B L HIGH HONOR Li Tse Fong, Li Fook Kow, Joseph Li Fook Pui led-in

led-in, Saturday, Annual Meeting 5th Day 1935-02-23_3 Tao B L HIGH HONOR
courtesy of The Honourable Andrew Li Kwok-nang, Honorary Steward of HKJC & First Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal of the Hong Kong SAR.
Originals of captions written by The Hon Andrew Li:
『On the right you see three persons leading in the winning horse.
At the back, the smiling man with a hat and with spectacles was Li Tse Fong, my grandfather. In front of him was my father Li Fook Kow. He was born in 1922. So he was 13 at that time. Then in front was Joseph Li Fook Pui. He was born in 1925. So he was 10 at that time.
Owned by Li Tse Fong, my grandfather.』

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