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1933-06-05 Frost lead-in Happy Valley Dunbar

led-in 1928-02-14_03 H Maitland SITTING BULL Not Applicable The 56th Derby 1-1/2 miles Mrs E L Dunbar

Leo Frost at a race on 5th June 1933 being led-in to the Dismounting area inside Happy Valley Race course..


1933-06-06 Tuesday《The China Mail》reported that Leo Frost was in bed on Friday 1933-06-02 with an attack of influenza. But he made a remarkable recovery that on 1933-06-05 Leo Frost rode five winners to beat Johnny Heard to win the Jockey’s Championship. His winners in races were: 1 CYCLAMEN BAY, 4 SITTING BULL, 5 THE PANTHER 7. DISORDERLY CONDUCT, 8 THE TIGER.


Mr Dunbar and Mrs Dunbar‘s SITTING BULL were the logical guess of the reason they appeared on the photo. She led in with her Scottish tartan sash racing color silk which was not their earlier hoops, or the light color hat of the LIBERTY BAY silk. So the winner might be SITTING BULL.

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