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1932-02-22 LIBERTY BAY derby China Mail

LIBERTY BAY won The 60th HONG KONG DERBY, reported by China Mail. His career has these unique merits:
1. without withdrawal, 26 entries, 26 wins!
2. Leo Frost, who rode LIBERTY BAY to 26 wins, never beaten!
3. He raced solely with Leo Frost, who nearly always rode him on the same principle: first off the mark, in the lead all the way.
4. Equally astonishing were the margins of his wins. Six lengths was ordinary. The racing correspondents were eventually reduced to saying ,by many lengths’, because nobody could say for sure how many LIBERTY BAY won at Happy Valley with such ease that occasionally Lambert Dunbar would deliberately not enter him for certain races.
5. In 1933 LIBERTY BAY broke a record every time he faced the Starter. His record for the mile and a half was unique, a fifth of a second better than the Australian pony record.
6. In 1935 the Stewards decided — and Dunbar courteously agreed — that the pony’s name must no longer be shown on the pari mutuel. It never again was. In any subsequent race LIBERTY BAY ran in, winning odds went to the second pony.
7. He won the Hongkong Champions three years in succession!

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