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1918-02-25 Grandstand Matsheds

Later during the enquiry, Mr. Grist, a member of the Golf Club Committee recalled that in 1911 the Committee approached the Public Works Department with a view to preserving the greens over which these matshedss were built and that in consequence of that the PWD made certain regulations to preserve the green. The Committee suggested that a causeway be constructed at the back of the sheds. He did not recall any suggestion being made regarding struts however it was suggested that it would be advantageous if the poles were not let into the ground. The construction of a fence was a suggestion of the Golf Club as previously spectators came out of the sheds and walked over the green. Whilst the Committee were never able to preserve all the green, nevertheless the measures were very beneficial.
When asked as to whether the removal of bracing struts and the construction of a fence and a gangway were contrary to the interests and safety of racegoers, Grist replied:
“We left it to the PWD to safeguard the interests and safety of the public.” according to page 10 SCMP 1918-03-12
1918-02-25 UNITED STAND matsheds Morrison Hill slope

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