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1918-02-13 & 1918-02-14 earthquake KiaLat Street earthquake scene

Hong Kong was experienced by two calamities, during the Chinese New Year (13 February was the third day of the Chinese New Year), two earthquakes – rare occurrences in Hong Kong – were recorded.
The magnitude of the earthquake on 13 February registered 6 out of 10 on the Rossi-Forel Scale, the strongest in the history of Hong Kong.
According to newspaper reports, merchants and members of the public in Central at the time were petrified.
Residents in various districts dashed outdoors, whereas Government reports stated that people lit firecrackers and scattered ritual money on the streets to pacify the spirits and deities in an attempt to drive away bad luck.
Yet less than two weeks later, Hongkong was struck by an even greater calamity, 1918-02-26 Fire of the Mat-shed in Happy Valley Racecourse.
The 1918 Shantou earthquake occurred in Shantou, Kwangtung, Republic of China. It also caused some damage in what was then British Hong Kong.
The quake was centred near Shantou, about 300 km northeast of the territory of Hong Kong. The quake caused minor damage and cracks to buildings in Hong Kong
It is also the only earthquake to have caused any damage to Hong Kong. It was estimated to reach intensity VII on the Modified Mercalli Scale. As the Royal Observatory, Hong Kong did not start operating long-period seismographs until 1921 to detect distant earthquakes. According to the Hong Kong Telegraph (zh), the quake threw the whole Central District into a state of panic. The shock lasted about half a minute and was felt all over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

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