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1908-12-03 Kennedy stables Causeway Bay color

Junction of Causeway Road (in clockwise), Tung Lo Wan Road (Right), Leighton Road (Front) Irving Street and Yee Wo Street (Left) Tram was in Causeway Road. The front building is St Paul Convent School and the stable of Polo Club in the middle (now Waldort Mansion). The Photo was taken in Irving Street. Causeway Bay in the 1910s. The location is near the intersection of Causeway Bay Road and Causeway Road. A stables is at the centre of the photograph; the British Army Polo Field is in the background (now Central Library), 1922-04-06 Prince of Wales played there during his Royal Visit. Before another profitable investment of Shan Kwong Road Stables, HKJC got a loss in this historical stables.
1930, HKJC & HSBC Chairman Mackie said that the Kennedy Stables at Causeway Bay were totally inadequate and out of date.
1932, Mackie bought two lots of land near the WongNeiChong gorge above the Valley, at a cost of $109,250, to erect there a large new Shan Kwong Road Stables complex.
Mackie and Mr Tester (Chairman during and after Japanese occupation) were named special Stewards in Charge of Buildings, and thereafter reported to every meeting until the project accomplished.

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