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1906-09-18 typhoon debris Connaught Road

Debris lie on one of the piers on Connaught Road in Central following the passage of the 1906-09-18 typhoon
‘When the typhoon was at its height a Chinese was blown down Pedder Street toward the wharf, and unable to stop went headlong into the harbour… A European rushed across the windswept space and boldly jumped in to the rescue. He succeeded in securing the drowning man with the aid of an Indian constable who unrolled his turban and threw the end to the rescuer.’
The last scalp the typhoon claimed was that of the first Director of Hong Kong Observatory, Dutchman Dr William Doberck, who was widely known to ignore forecasts sent from the Manila and Shanghai’s observatories, and antagonised colleagues and the Colony’s governors alike. While it is uncertain whether Doberck was ever warned of the approach of the 1906 typhoon, blame was apportioned and a concerted campaign by the Post, among others, eventually forced him into retirement. Only then were bridges built with neighbouring observatories to help ensure such a devastating weather event would never again take Hong Kong by surprise. A typhoon made a direct hit on Hong Kong in September 1906, resulting in over 10,000 deaths. 1906-09-18.
Disasters have no prediction for flood or fire! The provision, in 1906, of a special matshed stand for Chinese ladies, erected at the cost of the Club on a site rented from the Government, outside the grandstand enclosure. It stood in the border zone between the permanent stands and the Golf Club pavilion; it was erected afresh for each Annual Race Meeting. In subsequent years other similar matshed stands were added alongside it—one by the Club Lusitano—until there was a long crescent of stands filling the area where the course stables and paddocks now are. It was the exact origin of the great fire of 1918-02-26.

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