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1881-02-22 Lewis STRATHAIRD John Macgregor, Challenge Cup

Finely adorned with trailing vine leaves and bunches of grapes, this silver epergne, a type of table centerpiece was crafted in London in 1862.
1881-02-22 Lewis STRATHAIRD John Macgregor, Challenge Cup. STRATHAIRD is a peninsula on the island of Skye, Scotland. A strath is a large valley, typically a river valley that is wide and shallow.
The family of Macgregor in wine and spirit business had a long relationship with China races and Hong Kong races for a century. The father John Macgregor was a famous horse owner in Shanghai, jockey, founding members of HKJC.. His son J. F. Macgregor was a famous owner and HKJC Steward.
1859, the Challenge Cup appeared as an item on the programme for the first time at the Annual Race Meeting.
Prior to the 1996-1997 season, the Macgregor Memorial Cup was presented to the Apprentice jockey having won most races.

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