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1875-06-22 Melchers Russell Pedder’s Wharf fire

a large fire occurred at Pedder’s Wharf, Hong Kong on 1875-06-22. The conflagration lasted nearly twelve hours, and resulted in great destruction of property. 《Hong Kong Daily Press》gives the subjoined account of the disaster as – The fire broke out behind the premises of Messrs. Melchers and Co., 欸Pedder‘s Wharf. It originated in the servants’ quarters, and soon spread to the westward, over the stables. Once having secured a firm hold of the upper story, it spread with great rapidity eastward, and in a short time the rear of Messrs. Russell’s premises was also enveloped in flames.
Horses stable were also mentioned by the newspaper that 『notably for some time in that of the stables facing the street, the jets were entirely misdirected and a great deal of water lost. The origin of the fire is at present unknown, but it is believed to have commenced in one of the cook houses behind Messrs. Melchers’, and the fact of its spreading so rapidly is by many attributed to the fact that there was some hay stored in the adjacent stables.』
Melchers & Co. is a global company with a wide range of services and with trading know-how in diverse areas of business.
The first reclamation project rejected in 1855, eventually began in 1868 and was completed in 1873. It added significant land to Praya Central, which later became the originally under water Des Voeux Road, before any tramways.

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