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1866-09-16 — 1950-01-14 Ho Kom-tong

After the new Grandstand was built due to the Great Fire, 1931-05-27, at the half-yearly meeting of HKJC members, Mr Ho kom-tong expressed the members’ appreciation of the work of the Stewards.
He suggested that they should receive fees, like the Directors of companies, whose work was less arduous.
Chairman Mackie thanked Mr Ho, but said, “In this Club, and in every other club I know of, the work of the Stewards in the nature of things must always remain a labour of love.”
But a few months later, they found a position of Stipendiary Steward.
Ho Kom-tong, having Full HKJC Membership, made the record as the first horse owner and winner with Chinese ethnic origin.

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