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1846-08-20 Spring Garden Lane villa of Dent

Painted by Murdoch Bruce, lithograph by A. Maclure 1846-08-20 Spring Garden Lane 春園街 was named after the villa of Dent built in that area. After John Dent became the Senior Partner of Dent and Co.


The word “spring” in “Spring Gardens” was supposed to be referring to a water spring. However, when the name “Spring Garden Lane” was translated into Chinese, the resulting name became “春園街”, with the character “春” meaning spring season. The water spring mentioned possibly refers to the mountain creek beside Hopewell Centre in Queen‘s Road East.


In the early 1900s, Spring Garden Lane and Sam Pan Street (三板街) became a red-light district with western and Chinese prostitutes.


As no Government House ready before Bowring in office on1854-04-13, Governor Sir George Bonham,the 3rd rented Blenkin Rawson House in Spring Gardens as his temporary residence.


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