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1844-06-10 prohibition of Public Gaming Ordinance

Public gambling is banned with enactment of Ordinance No.14 of 1844, titled:
“An Ordinance for the suppression of public gaming in the Colony of Hong Kong“.
The ordinance is the first law to deal with gambling.
Additional note: The ban on public gambling remains today.
The exception to monopolies is only granted to HKJC.
However, the original ordinance has long been repealed and replaced by newer laws.
Penalty on person keeping a gambling house.
Penalty on persons haunting gambling houses.
Perosn acting as master to be liable to penalty.
Justice of the Peace or constable authorized by warrant to enter into house and seize implements of gaming money etc which shall be forfeited.
Penalties to be recovered according to the provisions of Ordinance No. 10 of 1814.
The exception to monopolies is only granted to HKJC and later to Mahjong schools.

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