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hoof hoof is not a commercial website. It is a collective creation, supported by by visitors, registered users and upload-sharing contributors. You are part of our community. And I am writing to thank you for enriching and sustaining encourages people to present their history and memories about horse racing in Hong Kong so we can learn more about the development and legacies of racing history. The public can share valuable items related to horses, including photos, photocopies and videos. These items will be displayed here and may have a chance to be permanently stored in the digital collections. This website is available for public viewing.

Individuals could collect, preserve and organize historical materials and cultural memories in digital form, then upload to our server. Together, we can keep it open and keep it growing spreading Hong Kong Racing Memories everywhere, and inviting participation from everyone.

If you value as a source of information ( and a source of inspiration ) I hope you'll choose to act right now, as those key-users here.

All the best,

Administration of


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