Yung, yung-tao Sanford 1927-10-03 — 2013-11-07

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  1. rewon says:

    Dec 1982, Sanford Yung, presented the SilverLing Cup be awarding to whichever owners who won the most prize money for the season.

  2. rewon says:

    馬主容永道先生曾在慶功宴中,送給每位賓客一支刻有「祿怡」出賽時負磅數字 159 的金筆作紀念。

  3. RicoCell says:

    FOUR ACE, Mr Yung’s first horse, trained by C L Ng, retired on 1978-06-14,

  4. RicoCell says:

    1984年 – 容永道先生為美國運通信用咭 作代言人

  5. woodyleung says:

    Mr Yung also was a member of Basic Law Drafting Committee and Sub-group on the Economy.

  6. woodyleung says:

    1981年季尾, 摩加利騎「德怡」大熱勝出

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