Weigh-in – No Weigh-in



Willing not Working; Working not Willing





In handicapped races, the weight carried by each horse is determined through a handicapping system.

In order to balance the varying running performances and abilities of horses, the handicapper would allocate different weight allowance to each racehorse.

As such, all jockeys are required to be weighed-out, weighing before a race.

Then, they would be weighed-in, weighing after a race.

The system is to ensure all jockeys start and finish with the correct assigned weights facilitating a fair chance for all contenders.





2014-07-23 N O T I C E

The Stewards have approved the following additions and amendments to the Rules of Racing and Instructions made by the Stewards of the Jockey Club.



Rule 112.

(1) Revised: Immediately after pulling up the jockeys of the horses placed first, second, third and fourth in each race must ride their horses to the place appointed for the unsaddling of placed horses, and the horses shall remain there until ordered by the Steward in charge or his representative to be taken away. The other jockeys must ride their horses to the unplaced unsaddling paddock area.


(2) Upon dismounting after a race every jockey must present himself at once to be weighed-in by the Clerk of the Scales. Any jockey who fails to complete the course must report the reason to the Stewards. If a jockey be prevented from riding back to weigh-in by reason of accident or illness which results in him or his horse being disabled, he may walk or be carried to the scales.


(3) In cases where the Judge has not announced his decision before the jockeys return to weigh-in, the jockeys may dismount either inside or within a reasonable distance of the place appointed for unsaddling the winner. In such cases the Clerk of the Scales shall commence to weigh-in all jockeys until such time as the Judge’s decision is announced. Provided that in these circumstances any jockey who believes that there is a possibility that he or the owner, nominator or his authorised agent, or trainer of his horse may wish to lodge a protest/objection may inform the Clerk of the Scales accordingly and await the announcement of the Judge’s decision.


(4) If a jockey does not present himself to be weighed-in or dismounts before reaching the place appointed for that purpose or touches (except accidentally) any person or thing other than his own equipment before weighing-in, his horse may on a sustained protest/objection be disqualified for the race and the jockey may be penalised.


(5) If a jockey be too ill to weigh-in his horse shall not be disqualified for the race provided that the jockey weighed-out at not less than his proper weight and the Stewards are satisfied there are no circumstances which suggest that less than the proper weight was carried throughout the race.





2003-01-25_2 Felix Coetzee APRIL HARE

When being eased down following the race, APRIL HARE (F Coetzee) sustained an injury to its left fore leg.

This necessitated F Coetzee dismounting. As F Coetzee dismounted, he sustained an injury to his right knee which required him to be attended to by the medical officers immediately, as such he was unable to weigh in following the race.

As the Stewards were satisfied F Coetzee had weighed out at not less than his proper weight and there were no circumstances to suggest less than the proper weight was carried by APRIL HARE throughout the race.

They declared weighed-in under the provisions of Rule 112(5).

APRIL HARE and I DELIVER were sent for sampling.


2007-02-10_5 Eric Saint-Martin HONEST TREASURE

After passing the winning post, E Saint-Martin was dislodged from HONEST TREASURE.

After being dislodged, E Saint-Martin was struck by FIRST KNIGHT which was following.

As E Saint-Martin was indisposed and not able to weigh in, the Stewards acting under the provisions of Rule 112(5) declared weighed-in on the numbers as semaphored by the Judge.

They were satisfied that E Saint-Martin had weighed out to ride HONEST TREASURE at not less than the proper weight and there were no circumstances to suggest that HONEST TREASURE had carried less than the proper weight throughout the race.

E Saint-Martin explained approaching the winning post HONEST TREASURE was inclined to shift out, because of this changed the whip into his left hand.

He said HONEST TREASURE continued to shift out and as it was involved in a tight finish, he transferred his weight to the right stirrup in an endeavour to prevent the horse from shifting further.
He said passing the winning post in his opinion the saddle on HONEST TREASURE might have shifted slightly to the right, as a consequence he became unbalanced and was dislodged.

E Saint-Martin was severely reprimanded for the manner in which he addressed the medical staff when being attended to following this incident.

HONEST TREASURE and MEDIC LEGION were sent for sampling.


2015-05-27_1 Joao Moreira SURE PEACE

SURE PEACE (J Moreira) began very awkwardly, shifted out and bumped the hindquarters of MY CUP OVERFLOWS, causing that horse to become unbalanced and SURE PEACE to lose ground.

In this incident, J Moreira suffered an injury to his lower back.

On pulling up after the race, J Moreira was forced to dismount from SURE PEACE when unable to ride that horse back to the unsaddling area.

J Moreira was transported via ambulance back to the Club’s medical room.

As J Moreira was unable to weigh in, without causing an unreasonable delay to the declaration of weighed-in, the Stewards, acting under the power of Rule 112(5), declared weighed-in on the numbers semaphored by the Judge.

They were satisfied that there were no circumstances which suggested that less than the proper weight had been carried by SURE PEACE throughout the race.

J Moreira was subsequently stood down the by Club’s medical officers from his remaining race riding engagements.

SURE PEACE was left racing wide and without cover. SURE PEACE and DRAGON BACHELOR were sent for sampling.





There have been other factors causing a No Weigh-in.

For instance, incidents due to jockeys’ or horses’ physical conditions after the races.

But those happened on winner or in Hong Kong, might still needed to be gathered and verified.





1983-07-02, Sydney Turf Club stewards unsaddled RECORD MAKER at Canterbury Racecourse without a weigh-in by winning jockey Terry Duckett.

Chief Steward John Schreck, who worked for HKJC later, was concerned at Duckett‘s stomach cramp, and told the jockey to go directly to the Jockeys’ Room.

Duckett lost 4 kg overnight to make the correct weight by fasting for 2 days.





Terry Duckett. – 《RacingMemories.HK》


Acknowledgment to HKJC Racing Registry for offering relevant records.





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