Ward, Arthur 1919-10-06 — 2013-10-17

Master of Racing; Maestro of Training


Mr Arthur Ward is reputed to have ridden more champions of the turf than all but a few of history’s most successful jockeys.
His superb sense of balance, sensitive hands and fine judgment of pace made him a favourite of owners and punters alike.

He is a famous and successful trainer too.





1919-10-06, Arthur Ward was born.
He was the sixth of thirteen children.
Their home was in Waverley, the Sydney suburb near Randwick.
1933, in the depression year, he became apprenticed to Rosehill trainer Fred Adams.
He scored a winner in his second ride ever, over a 1000m sprint.





His Melbourne Cup mount, REDCRAZE, was narrowly beaten.


Before his final retirement from the saddle ,Mr Ward had won virtually every feature race on the Australian calendar.
At the height of his successful career, Arthur Ward’s reputation earned him favour with T.J Smith, who contracted him as a replacement for the suspended George Moore.
Ward’s great results in Moore’s absence prompted Smith to retain him even after Moore came back from suspension.
His time with the Australia – New Zealand legendary stallion TULLOCH was a short one, but he won six races and the pair was runners up three times.
He also spent three years in Singapore where he won 250 races and was twice leading jockey.


As a trainer, he won an Epsom Handicap and Sydney Cup.


Along with Cliff Robertson, Gordon Smyth and Frank Carr, Mr Ward arriving Hong Kong to help in the racing professionalization.
He established his stable in Sha Tin where he had another very successful career teamed with Lam Hung-fie.





Season Wins Total Stakes
1977-1978 9 $ 259,685
1978-1979 15 $ 607,227.50
1979-1980 18 $ 1,002,740
1980-1981 19 $ 1,390,850
1981-1982 21 $ 1,616,650
1982-1983 24 $ 2,517,190
1983-1984 44 $ 4,551,222.40
1984-1985 40 $ 5,607,950
1985-1986 37 $ 5,263,228


9 Seasons As Trainer
227 Winners Saddled


Some of the Group Trophy or remarkable Races Including:

Yr-Mo-Da_Race Jockey Horse Class Cour. Time Distance Event
1978-02-11_4 Eddery P MOUNT OPENING 2 HV-t 0.57.8 975 Class 2 Hdcp
1978-04-04_4 Setches R LUCKY CHARM Grif. HV-s 1.08.1 1030 Grif. Fleming Hdcp
1979-04-29_3 Cruz A S EVER WIN Open ST-g 1.10.6 1200 Chairman’s Prize
1982-03-06_7 Paquet P HAPPY FELLOW 1&2 ST-g 1.10.9 1200 Class 1&2 Hdcp
1983-05-07_4 Leyshan P HAPPY FELLOW Open ST-g 1.13.3 1200 Chairman’s Prize
1983-04-02_7 Moore G GAGNE MAINTENANT Grif. HV-s 1.30.9 1400 Kukri Trophy
1984-04-21_5 Leyshan P SHOGUN Grif. HV-s 1.42.1 1575 Kukri Trophy
1984-05-13_6 Leyshan P SPEEDY DRAGON Grif. ST-g 1.10.2 1200 Sha Tin Vase
1984-05-23_3 Leyshan P SHOGUN Grif. HV-s 2.16.6 2000 Happy Valley Vase
1984-12-08_5 Leyshan P TRESSA 3 ST-g 1.36.9 1600 Class 3 Hdcp
1984-12-29_2 Leyshan P MAHJONG 5 HV-t 0.58.7 975 Class 5 Hdcp
1985-01-26_6 Ho K S FLASH OF DIAMOND 3 ST-g 1.25.8 1400 Class 3 Hdcp
1986-05-04_5 Ho K S FLASH OF FORTUNE 2&3 ST-g 2.34.9 2450 Manawatu Racing Club Chal. Cup
1986-05-24_5 Leyshan P MOULTON BOY 1&2 ST-g 2.19.9 2200 Queen Mother‘s Cup
1986-05-31_4 Leyshan P FLYING DANCER 1&2 HV-t 1.40.9 1650 Pearce memorial Chal. Cup






1986-05-31 season finale, Arthur Ward capped his 50 year career in grand style with a double and topping it off with the Wong Choy Cup.


Mr Ward was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Australia.

Arthur Ward had a rare ability to study and understand what was at stake and know which exact tactics to apply in the races he participated in, with regards to the form of the horse he was riding and training.
When it came to piloting and saddling up thoroughbreds, Arthur Ward was a force to reckon with in the history of Australian, Singapore and Hong Kong horse racing.





2013-10-17 Mr Arthur Ward passed away.
Nicole, Mr Ward’s granddaughter, kindly wrote her comment:
“he lived a very long and lucky life. He retired from HK to his hometown of Sydney, Australia, where he and wife June enjoyed travelling and attending Saturday races for many years, visiting HK often. His later years were spent in Perth, Australia, where he continued to have an interest in all racing, but was most likely to be found spending time with his family, in particular his great granddaughter Ava.
He would often comment that although he was extremely honoured to have been inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame, his proudest moments were celebrating the achievements of his family.





Lam Hung-fie said, “my true teacher and patron was Arthur Ward. He taught me everything I know and I owe him a debt for the rest of my life.”






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Acknowledgment to Miss Nicole Ward and Mr Peter Yuen.





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