VENGEANCE OF RAIN (D142) 2000-2011

8 Responses to VENGEANCE OF RAIN (D142) 2000-2011

  1. rewon says:

    VENGEANCE OF RAIN had a heart condition and we know how good he was in spite of it.

  2. rewon says:

    爪皇凌雨 每次都係孤軍作戰,爪皇凌雨 更值做馬王!

  3. RicoCell says:

    VOR took over from SILENT WITNESS the title of biggest prize money winner in Hong Kong racing history.

  4. RicoCell says:


  5. aheadq says:

    VENGEANCE OF RAIN returned to Cambridge, the place he was foaled and born, enjoyed his retirement and be buried there.

  6. aheadq says:


  7. hoof hoof says:

    Owner Raymond Chow guessed that VOR might die of heart attack in its sleep as there was no sign of any distress or injury.

  8. hoof hoof says:


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