Tung Biu

Keen Judgment; Fair Comment


Mr. Bill Tung, Biu 1934-03-30 — 2006-02-22




Mr Tung Biu was a jockey, trainer, horse racing commentator, actor and opera singer, especially famous in the regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

Tung Biu or ‘Uncle Bill’ is a racing icon and legend.

Among many successful careers, his most popular character was in his role as horse racing commentator.

Through his thorough experience, knowledge, and sense of humor, he always articulated many up-right fair comments.

Thus he was beloved by many punters and even non-punters, as his loyal audience.





1933-03-30, Mr Tung Biu, named as Man-biu, according to the media, he was born around the area of Jardine Stable (Ewo Stable Stable) at Causeway bay, Hong Kong.

His family was from Ningpo,in northeast Zhejiang province in China.

He started to learn horse riding when he was eight years old.

He became a jockey when he was a teenager after trained by the first post war Hong Kong Jockey Club course.

In his jockey career, he raced in Singapore, United Kingdom and other countries.

He also served in his family’s stables as assistant.





1967, when Rediffusion Television (later became Asia Television) began horse racing broadcasts, Tung was recruited to become a commentator.

Due to his frank assessment and criticism in the horse racing circles, he was respectfully called “Uncle Biu”.

Mr Kenneth Liang (Mr Number One) and Mr Carlos Wu, among other team-mates were his hosting partners.

For a period of no television programmes engagement, he joined the Radio Hong Kong as a show host of horse racing.

His charisma had an effect on the RTHK as his audience increased significantly.


1997, when Asia Television lost the horse racing broadcasting contract, Uncle Bill went to the Macau Jockey Club as a horse trainer.

Uncle Biu won 64 races in his inaugural season of race horse training.

He became the first champion trainer in his first year of licensed trainer in Macau, which set a sensational record.


2000, he also worked as a horse racing commentator in Macau.


2003–2004, he returned to Hong Kong as a horse racing commentator again.


2005-06-29 season finale was a night race meeting, Uncle Bill retired from the media industry thereafter.





2006-02-22, another valley night race meeting, Uncle Bill passed away in the hospital with the company of loved ones.

2006-03-13, a funeral committee was set up and Uncle Bill’s wake was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Many celebrities and good friends such as Tony Cruz, Ronald Arculli, Jackie Chan and Jacky Cheung served as pall-bearers.

2006-03-14 afternoon, Uncle Bill was cremated at Sha Tin’s crematorium.





1970s to 1990s, due to his fame, Uncle Bill performed in many movies, television dramas and sang the theme audio as well.





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