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Golden Verses by Uncle Bill:


《Horse racing》
* I am Biu Tung, I comment on horses, you must listen to my tone.
* abstain in gamble will not feel alright, gamble heavily lose your life, abstinent in gamble keeps you alive.
* Mediocrity can’t be helped to get risen, excellent people’s brightness can’t be hidden.
* A heavy-weight horse may not be fat, a light-weight horse may not be lean, four differentiators between heavy, light, fat and thin.
* Shooting out as an arrow when the race commenced, turn as a fan at the bend , no where at the end.
* Betting on horses is a side-door business, side-door-doing is no need for rational seriousness.
* Winning to win money is reasonable for a stable, but losing to win money is illegal and not acceptable.
* Betting on horses by not trusting a trainer but karma.
* To be a horse racing commentator, it is a duty to be an educator, even to uphold justice for racegoers as an arbitrator.



* Speak slowly for urgency.
* Speak clearly for importancy.
* Speak humorously for triviality.
* Speak with caution to the thing which might not happen.
* Speak with restriction to the thing which did not happen.
* Speak with reservation to the thing which you can’t make it happen.
* Speak with consideration to the thing which might make someone sadden.
* Speak carefully to the thing which is nasty.
* Speak situationally to the thing which is happy.
* Speak selectively to the thing which is unhappy.
* Speak with restrain to the thing which is other’s business.
* Speak from your heart to the thing which is your own business.
* Speak when thing has been done.
* Speak in the future when is done.
* Speak to me who causes your dissatisfaction as I am the one.
* Gain without pain is unreasonable, pain without gain is unjustifiable.
* Making friend need a thousand of verses, losing friend only need a few words.
* Happiness can’t go extremely, because it will turn tragedy.
* Wealth is like drifting cloud, gain and loss never exclaim aloud.
* Only people comment on horse, horse comments on people is not proper, so, Horse Racing Commentator.
★ Uncle Biu’s Golden Verses are extracted from《speak out for justice》, Tung Biu’s commemorative booklet which is issued at his funeral.


2003-07-22 《Hong Kong Broadcasting 75th Anniversary》Oral History Symposium:


Quotes from the 1st part:
“(Because of my speaking up-right), Tung’s Family is not so all-right!”
“entering Hong Kong Jockey Club in a way as the Big Spender Night Club, racecourse as BBoss”
“Once I had used foul language on my horse racing commentary as ‘not bet on these 3 horses, you are surely stupid!” “Then the head of RTHK told me: “Uncle Bill, after a meeting, ‘surely stupid’ are not swear words is our view!”
“Uncle Bill, listen to my words …” ” I don’t need you to tell me more, let me, Uncle Bill tell you all”
“Uncle Bill, what is your favorite?’ which is an useless quiz, because my comments are not based on its race data, but for human in similar, its character!”
“SILVER STAR rolled its eyes (has Splashed white eye-color), ‘sneakily indecent’, told you long time ago that I’ll reject it even as a present”
“as owners did not want Uncle Bill to find white-marks on horses’ buttocks, they covered up the white-marks by black spots.”
“I was too young and death was not to know, I was wired out by Wire-Fu to host a commentary horse show” (on 1975-05-05)
“rumors spread outside that Uncle Bill has more power than the producer of the commentary horse show.” “Uncle Bill for many years, in fact, never met a producer with knowledge as far as I know”
“Capable to say what audience want to say, that is a good host’s way.”
“Chinese gatherings never without gambling, with gathering they have communicating.”
“Most experts fail to make money betting on horse races: even Uncle Bill bet on Place? What’s wrong with that! It is better as ordinary aunties win more on safety bet.”
Tony Cruz got a wife, then he returns home early to have a healthy life, such jockey‘s sustainable career is thrived.”
“Sometimes jockey has reasons to jump off a horse, his jump might not be a calamity, but he has a load to bear to win surely led to fatality.”


Quotes from the 2nd part:
“Horse racing in Hong Kong is no fun because the results are not normal, information is not ample.”
“I buy horse without its pedigree statement, the latter is only for bargain.”
“Non-punters watch Uncle Bill’s show because Uncle Bill doesn’t report but performs in a role as a host.”
“want me to host more racing commentary, but beside RTHK, somebody else dares to hire me is unlikely.”
“Nowadays, horse racing commentary has no more “changing legs” or “dropping head” as terminology.”
“Frankie Dettori rides with thighs apart is lazily bad, and not correct.”
“Talks about tip and pedigree on horse racing commentary are totally false: Money dominates everything, any one talks is useless.”
“Lay a bet for whatever reason your horse won, but running away should not be the one, otherwise you’ll get what you want at once.





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