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History of Hong Kong racing started from a very classical and traditional ownership of horses.
For a very long period, successful records could be shown with the identities of owner, trainer and jockey as the same person.
Such phenomenon was very popular during the lengthy decades with Gentleman Rider and Amateur Jockey.
1971, after the professionalization, the trend has been gradually fading out.





Mr Robert Tsai was one of the most prominent jockeys after WWII.
Jockey Robert Tsai achieved brilliant records such as winning many trophy races and landing the Derby three times.
Owner Robert Tsai continued his legacy with impressive records as well.





These are the performances by some of his horses owned or co-owned by Mr Robert Tsai:


Yr-Mo-Day_R. Jockey Horse Trainer Class Cour. Time Distance Event
1955-03-12_5 RoberTsai ENCORE Wong S H Grif. HV-turf 1.49.0 1 mile Grif. Set Race
1957-03-06_1 Hulse C E ENCORE Wong S H 6 HV-turf 1.47.4 1 mile Class 6 Hdcp
1957-05-11_9 RoberTsai ENCORE Wong S H 6 HV-turf 1.47.6 1 mile Class 6 Hdcp
1957-11-30_4 RoberTsai ENCORE Wong S H 5 HV-turf 2.33.6 1 mile 3fu 65yd St Andrews Ch Quaich
1959-01-01_8 RoberTsai ENCORE Wong S H 5 HV-turf 1.58.4 1 mile171yd Class 5 Hdcp
1959-03-30_1 Luk C T ENCORE Wong S H 5 HV-turf 1.46.6 1 mile Class 5 Hdcp
1959-11-09_8 Kenny Kwok ENCORE Wong S H 5 HV-turf 2.12.2 1.25 mile Class 5 Hdcp
1966-05-21_1 Chiu S D TOP BRASS Cheung H M 8 HV-turf 1.44.6 1 mile Class 8 Hdcp
1966-12-03_1 Chiu S D TOP BRASS Cheung H M 8 HV-turf 1.45.4 1 mile Class 8 Hdcp
1967-01-21_6 Chiu S D TOP BRASS Cheung H M 8 HV-turf 2.16.0 1.25 mile Class 8 Hdcp
1961-10-14_6 RoberTsai HELMSMAN Leskoff Gri.B HV-turf 1.45.4 1 mile Grif. B Set Race
1963-11-30_1 A J da Silva HELMSMAN Cheung H M 5 HV-turf 0.59.6 0.5 mile170yd Class 5 Hdcp
1964-11-09_8 RoberTsai HELMSMAN Cheung H M 5 HV-turf 1.44.0 1 mile Class 5 Hdcp






He also owned:
1961-1962 ENVOY, but never raced
1974-1975 TOP GEAR, no win, but two 2nd.


He also co-owned with Mr Helenside: HELMSMAN and HELLSBELLS.





Legends in Hong Kong racing have been written by many renowned figures.
Governors, Officers, Officials, Taipans, business leaders and members from influential families could make a long long list.
Henry May, Dents, Jardines, Sassoon, Bell-Irving, G C Master, W J Gresson, Burkill, Mollers, Eric Cumine and even Mrs Billie Liddell were the representatives.
Horsemanship, horse-sense, and horses, were in their blood.
Owner Robert Tsai was surely no exception.





Different racing jurisdictions and administrations have different rules regarding statues of Jockey, trainer and owner.
Today in Hong Kong, jockeys cannot be owners at the same time in HKJC.
Under current rules, jockeys cannot be owners of Hong Kong registered horses.
As racing becomes more popular to the public, owners with jockey careers might not be a common trend even if rules permitted.





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Acknowledgment to Mr Peter Yuen, Mr Donald Tsai, and Hong Kong Racing Museum for relevant content.





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