The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Cup


Royal Celebration


The Queen‘s Silver Jubilee Cup, originally known as the Silver Jubilee Challenge Cup.


It was commenced to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Year.


Final Leg of the Hong Kong Speed Series.




Majestic Races


1977, first run at Happy Valley over 2230 metres.
The Cup was re-christened the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Cup in 1989.


2001/02 season, this race was upgraded to a Hong Kong Group 2 race.


2005/06 season, it was further upgraded to a Hong Kong Group 1 race to be run over 1400 metres.


It has since been programmed as the final leg of the Champion Sprint Series.






Winners List(1977 onwards)


Date Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Dist.
1977-12-03 CAERDEON LINE P Eddery P M Chu Kan Hing Fook 2230
1979-02-17 RUSTIC RIVER C C Chan P M Chu Ip Lai & Frank C L Kwok 1800
1980-02-19 VALLEY FAME P Leyshan G Sofronoff Dr. David Ng 1650
1981-01-24 CONTENDER W T Hung T L Lee   1200
1982-03-06 TUEN MUN D Brosnan S T Wong   1200
1983-02-19 BLUE POOL ROAD M C Tam H M Cheung   1030
1984-02-18 KAYUKWAN K H Hung K H Au   1400
1984-12-16 EXCELLENT KID D Brosnan L Fownes   1400
1985-12-28 WHEELER DEALER A S Cruz T P Wong   0975
1986-12-27 SANDAL KING K L Tsui K H Au   0975
1988-01-16 GREY CASHMERE A S Cruz H M Cheung   1400
1989-04-30 BRILLIANT YEARS B Thomson P C Kan   1000
1990-04-29 MILK AND HONEY N Barker J Moore   1600
1991-04-21 VALIANT LANCER N Tiley S T Wong Sir John Joseph Swaine 1400
1992-04-18 SATISFACTION J Marshall T K Ng Mr & Mrs William Yip 1600
1993-04-14 CALL SIGN D Lee B K Ng Daniel Tong Kam Pui 1800
1994-04-02 KA FOOK F Coetzee P C Kan Emmanuel Kao Chu Chee 2200
1995-04-01 JOINT ACCOUNT A S Cruz J Moore A M Cappon 2000
1996-04-20 ALLEGRESSE E Saint-Martin D Cruz Wu Kwok Cheung 1600
1997-04-19 BENJI E Legrix P L Biancone Howard Liang Yum Shing 1600
1998-04-19 BILLION WIN D Whyte I W Allan C K Hui 1600
1999-04-18 HUNTING LAD R Fradd D A Hayes Friendship Syndicate 1600
2000-04-16 MAN OF HONOUR E Legrix I W Allan Jerry Sung & Dora Sung 1600
2001-04-22 MAN OF HONOUR Y T Cheng I W Allan Jerry Sung & Dora Sung 1600
2002-05-19 GOGGLES A Marcus J Moore Matthew Wong Leung Pak 1600
2003-05-24 HO CHOI W C Marwing I W Allan Ma Ching Fat 1600
2004-05-22 ELECTRONIC UNICORN R Fradd J Size Lo Ying Bin 1600
2005-04-24 SILENT WITNESS F Coetzee A S Cruz Arthur & Betty da Silva 1400
2006-04-15 JOYFUL WINNER C Soumillon J Moore Kong Kin Kuen 1400
2007-04-09 JOYFUL WINNER G Mosse J Moore Kong Kin Kuen 1400
2008-03-16 GOOD BA BA O Doleuze A Schutz John Yuen Se Kit 1400
2009-03-15 EGYPTIAN RA F Coetzee A S Cruz Cheng Keung Fai 1400
2010-03-14 HAPPY ZERO D Beadman J Moore David Philip Boehm 1400
2011-03-06 BEAUTY FLASH G Mosse A S Cruz Kwok Siu Ming 1400
2012-03-04 LUCKY NINE B Prebble C Fownes Dr F T Chang & Mrs Maria Chang 1400
2013-03-17 AMBITIOUS DRAGON Z Purton A T Millard Johnson Lam Pui Hung & Anderson Lam Hin Yue 1400
2014-03-16 GOLD-FUN D Whyte R Gibson Pan Sutong 1400
2015-03-15 LUCKY NINE J Moreira J Moore Dr & Mrs Cornel Li Fook Kwan 1400
2016-02-28 CONTENTMENT B Prebble J Size Benson Lo Tak Wing 1400
2017-02-26 HELENE PARAGON T Berry J Moore Sir Po-shing & Lady Woo, Jackson Woo Ka Biu, Dawson Woo Ka Chung and The Executors of the Estate of the late Wilson Woo Ka Wah 1400
2018-02-25 BEAUTY GENERATION Z Purton J Moore Patrick Kwok Ho Chuen 1400
2019-02-17 BEAUTY GENERATION Z Purton J Moore Patrick Kwok Ho Chuen 1400






The Most Winning Horses:



The Most Winning Owners:

twice by Jerry Sung & Dora Sung, Kong Kin Kuen, Patrick Kwok Ho Chuen


The Most Winning Trainer:

10 times by J Moore


The Most Winning Jockeys:

3 times each by A S Cruz, F Coetzee, B Prebble, Z Purton






The Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup and the Chairman’s Sprint Prize each carry a prize-money of HK$4.5 million.



Queen‘s Silver Jubilee Cup carries a prize-money of HK$6 million.


In addition, a special bonus of HK$2 million will be awarded to horses that can win all three legs of the Hong Kong Speed Series.







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