Mr Brian Taylor was a successful Thoroughbred flat racing jockey in UK and overseas.





1938-07-06, Brian Taylor was born in Southend-on-Sea, in Essex, England.

He was only 14 and nearly to be a carpenter, but was too small to work at the bench.

It was suggested by the schools careers officer that he became an apprentice jockey to a trainer.

They found him a place with Harvey Leader in Newmarket.

He had never ridden, and his parents had no connection with horses before.




1965 to 1970, Brian Taylor had ridden regularly in India.


1974-06-05, Brian Taylor won the Epsom Derby, on number 19, SNOW KNIGHT at 50/1, trainer Peter Nelson.


Among his other career wins were:


July Cup

Princess Margaret Stakes

Cherry Hinton Stakes



Cork and Orrery Stakes



Derby Stakes



Earl of Sefton Stakes



Sandown Classic Trial



John Porter Stakes

Ormonde Stakes



Craven Stakes



Prix Gontaut-Biron



1977, Brian Taylor had his first trip to Hong Kong, for just a few months, then a few winter after that.


Inaugural win of Brian Taylor in Hong Kong
1978-12-10_1 Class4 ST turf 1000m, field of 11」CANTOR *L012 (trainer: Derek T C Cheng) odds 7.9.


1979-11-24_1 Race 3, Index 112, Brian Taylor landed his winner on ALL BRILLIANT (AK061), The owner was the Hon. P C Woo who also gave Brian his last win.


1984-12-08, Race 3, Index 154, Brian Taylor landed his last winner on ALL ABLE (V018) also owned by the Hon. P C Woo.


1984-12-08 Race 8, Index 159, his mount, SILVER STAR (AT145) stumbled, throwing him off his saddle while crossing the finish line.

Taylor would succumb two days later in hospital from the serious neck and head injuries.


1984-12-19, Lester Piggott and Joe Mercer acted as ushers in Brian Taylor‘s funeral.

RHKJC was represented by the Chief Executive Sir John Archer.

Attendants were not just of Newmarket but countrywide owners, jockeys, trainers, riding boys and stable staff.


1985-02-10, Brian Taylor Memorial Jockeys Team Competition took place to pay tribute.


There is an RHKJC Brian Taylor Fund-going to three charities Brian favored:

the Hong Kong Heart Foundation

the Anti -Cancer Association

the Injured Jockeys Fund






Brain Taylor was extremely helpful to the younger jockeys, always ready to give them advice.

He was a very good golfer, and at one time had a handicap of 8, with very limited time for the game.

Also he was quite handy on the darts board,and snooker table.

In fact he had talent at all sports!


Mr Brian Taylor was an excellent shot, and a very good gun dog trainer.

He won many dog trials with his black Labradors, and met The Queen on her Sandringham estate a few times whilst competing there.

Once, Brian objected against one of her Majesties horses, after he had been beaten into 2nd place, and the objection was upheld!

He was very embarrassed about it, but determined that it was the right thing to do.

Her Majesty sent his family a very personal letter of condolence following Brian’s death.






Brian Taylor‘s Racing Record in Hong Kong:


Season : wins/rides

78-79: 4/50

79-80: 6/33

80-81: 8/61

81-82: 13/99

82-83: 6/80

83-84: 17/160

84-85: 7/55

Total Wins 61




San Miguel Silver Tankard (BOLSHEVIK)



Chinese Club Cup (BOLSHEVIK)

P & O Cup (Wei Shan)



Hong Kong Gold Cup (FOOTBALL)

Stock Exchange Cup (SAPPHIRE)



Hong Kong Classic Trial (GAY EIGHTIES)



Hong Kong Gold Cup (GAY EIGHTIES)

Stock Exchange Cup (DEFENCE SATELLITE)

Sassoon Challenge Cup (GAY EIGHTIES)



Craigengower Cricket Club Cup (SEA PEARL)

Sports Club Cup (BOLSHEVIK)



1984-02-13, less than 10 months before Taylor‘s accident, SILVER STAR ended the career of another top jockey at the time.

Philippe Paquet, was thrown onto the track during morning training, in a similar accident, though some reported that he was kicked by its hind hooves.

He suffered a fractured skull and remained in a coma for more than three months before regaining consciousness.

1984, around the Chinese New Year holidays, SILVER STAR also caused 2 injuries upon jockey Raymond K L Tsui and a riding boy.

It was put down after his fourth disaster.





Brian Taylor – Wikipedia


Acknowledgement to Mr Peter Yuen for supplying and verifying data.


Acknowledgement to HKJC Racing Registry for offering record data.


Acknowledgement to for supplying and verifying data.


Acknowledgement to Mr Brian Taylor‘s family, Ms Bridget Biddlecombe and Mr Bill Burnett for preparing the content.





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