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  1. RicoCell says:


  2. RM says:

    所謂《 賽 聖經》及 维基百科 都寫 1931年馬會首次發行馬票!

  3. RM says:

    但網路流傳真憑實據相片證明1927-03-01 已有九龍精武體育會發行 香港咑吡大賽馬票

  4. rewon says:

    Tickets sold in 1927 were subject to the Racing Sweeps regulations of the Kowloon Chin Woo Athletic Association.

  5. aheadq says:

    You could buy a whole block in the 50s with a million dollar prize money.

  6. aheadq says:

    After the war, only the middle class could afford to buy a sweepstakes.

  7. circlelo says:

    1904-02-23 The Derby (sweepstakes of $20 each, with $1,500 added) had been the sixth race on the first day of the Annual Races.

  8. aheadq says:

    春季大富翁降世, 司馬克三奪冠軍,「要多利」果然多利替頭獎票主帶來巨彩

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