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Fancy Dream; Lucky Draw



For more than a hundred years ago, horse racing had been complimentary with the lucky draw system in Hong Kong.
1872-02-22_3, a race named as the Stirrup Cup Griffin Subscription Sweepstake was reported by 《Hong Kong Daily Press》.
Especially cultural among the Chinese population, It became a very popular but unique format of co-relation with gambling and racing.






From the pool of tickets sold, a preliminary but smaller pool of tickets was drawn.
They randomly allotted to a batch of horses, some of which were to race in the sweepstakes race.
The ticket that corresponded to the winning horse in the race would be the winner of the sweepstakes.
Second and third prizes were awarded in a similar way, while the rest of the tickets drawn in the preliminary round were all awarded cash prizes.






  • 1927-03-01 Kowloon Chin Woo Athletic Association Derby Sweepstakes.
  • 1933 and before, Special Cash Sweeps were only conducted once a year.
  • 1934 and onwards,,twice a year had been held but due to their popularity, this was later increased to three or four times a year.
  • 1942 Japanese Military Yen depreciated so a chop rectified the inflation price from 25 to 50.
  • 1948-01-19 Derby Sweepstakes format in traditional pattern bordering with description embedded.
  • 1949 Grand Autumn sweepstakes marked that if 1 million were sold the dividend would be $453,600.
  • 1951,Cash Sweeps were held for each race-day or even could be bought in a batch of 10 for different races though in smaller prize.
  • 1956-10-15 Kwang Tung Handicap held on the Season Opening Day.
  • 1972-04-01 Stewards Cup Sweepstakes were print in monochrome color with image replacing text descriptions though still in Englsih only.
  • 1974-01-05 Derby Sweepstakes were print in full color but print in bilingual.
  • 1977-05-07 ceased operating regular sweepstakes after The Pearce Memorial Cup, historic value are evaluated.
  • 2000-01-01 a special sweepstakes was run to celebrate the new Millennium, and proved very popular.
  • 2009-10-02 To celebrate the 125th anniversary of HKJC, The Hong Kong Jockey Club 125th Anniversary Sweepstakes which showcase the key achievements of the Club and remarkable horses over the years were on sale.






    Prizing of The Special Cash Sweeps were the most significant and carried the highest prize money, from several hundred thousands in early years to one million dollars later.
    In 1950’s, people could buy a number of flats with one million dollars.


    Sweepstakes often carried special names such as the Grand Spring Special Sweeps and the Grand Autumn Special Sweeps, referring to the time of the year when they were held.


    Cost of each sweepstakes tickets were sold at HK$2 after World War II, which was a lot of money then. Sometimes people would pool together to buy into the sweepstakes.







    There were also other ways to make some extra money from the sweeps, as people would buy tickets from the Jockey Club at HK$2 then resell them for HK$2.10 in restaurants.


    The 10-cent profit was in those days enough to buy a bowl of congee with fried bread sticks. It is said that business was especially brisk for young female ticket sellers!






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