Stewards’ Cup


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The Stewards’ Cup is a Hong Kong Group One race.


1954-05-22, it was first run at Happy Valley.


Recent record showing that it was also raced in 1235, 1400, 1600, 1650 meter.


1979 and after, except 1983, it has been raced at Sha Tin.


1991, it has been raced in a distance of 1600 meter.


1991-11-10, it became the first leg of the Triple Crown in Hong Kong when the series was launched.


2008-2009, it has been sponsored and named as THE CITI STEWARDS’ CUP by sponsorship.



Triple Crown Starters


THE STEWARDS’ CUP – since 1985





Date Race Horse Brand Owner Trainer Jockey Dist. Race Ttime
1985-03-10 330 ALWAYS PLENTIFUL AV137 YAU Shui Tong C L Ng A S Cruz 1400 1.22.40
1986-03-16 340 ALWAYS PLENTIFUL AV137 YAU Shui Tong C L Ng D Lee 1400 1.22.00
1987-03-21 345 DISTINCTION BB092 Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun J Moore T Duckett 1400 1.25.30
1988-03-19 318 SEVEN JOY BB088 HO Man Fat P M Chu J K S Ho 1400 1.24.60
1989-03-04 298 HANDCLAP BB128 LAM Fung P C Kan B Leisher 1400 1.22.50
1990-03-03 301 RIVER JORDAN BE146 Sir Oswald Cheung & The Hon Ronald Arculli D Hill T Ives 1400 1.26.50
1991-03-02 301 STEEL SUPREMO BD075 Henry LAI Tai Hing H F Lam B Marcus 1400 1.24.20
1991-11-10 107 MASTERMIND BH106 Dr Peter LAM How Mun P L Biancone G Mosse 1600 1.35.20
1992-11-14 134 SOUND PRINT BH218 Edmund Tam Wing Fan P C Kan M Kinane 1600 1.35.60
1993-11-28 150 RIVER VERDON BG302 Sir Oswald Cheung & The Hon Ronald Arculli D Hill B Marcus 1600 1.35.30
1994-11-12 122 RIGHT WAY BJ249 Samuel Ping Wai Wong P C Kan W Ryan 1600 1.35.20
1995-11-11 122 MR VITALITY BM108 Larry C K Yung I W Allan B Marcus 1600 1.33.50
1996-11-09 141 MICHAEL’S CHOICE BM081 Michael Ying Lee Yuen P L Biancone E Legrix 1600 1.35.10
1997-11-23 170 SMASHING PUMPKIN BP173 Fame & Fortune Syndicate D A Hayes B Marcus 1600 1.34.10
1998-11-21 179 BILLION WIN BP218 C K Hui I W Allan F Coetzee 1600 1.33.90
2000-01-23 311 RESFA T012 James Lau Po Man & Alice Woo Wai See D A Hayes B Marcus 1600 1.35.40
2001-01-14 316 FAIRY KING PRAWN BP337 Mr & Mrs Lau Sak Hong I W Allan R Fradd 1600 1.35.10
2002-01-20 317 ELECTRONIC UNICORN T092 Lo Ying Bin J Size R Fradd 1600 1.35.20
2003-01-19 338 ELECTRONIC UNICORN T092 Lo Ying Bin J Size R Fradd 1600 1.34.90
2004-01-18 343 SUPER KID C305 Wong Yuk Kwan J Size S Dye 1600 1.37.30
2005-01-16 325 BULLISH LUCK C155 Wong Wing Keung A S Cruz C Soumillon 1600 1.35.50
2006-01-22 339 RUSSIAN PEARL E019 Mr & Mrs Kam Shing Kan A S Cruz G Mosse 1600 1.35.10
2007-01-28 345 ARMADA E246 Wong Yuk Lun J Size D Whyte 1600 1.34.10
2008-01-20 333 GOOD BA BA E201 John Yuen Se Kit A Schutz O Doleuze 1600 1.34.30
2009-01-24 336 GOOD BA BA E201 John Yuen Se Kit A Schutz C Soumillon 1600 1.33.29
2010-01-31 355 FELLOWSHIP G292 David Sin Wai Kin P O’Sullivan Z Purton 1600 1.33.96
2011-01-30 365 BEAUTY FLASH K314 Kwok Siu Ming A S Cruz G Mosse 1600 1.34.92
2012-01-29 360 AMBITIOUS DRAGON K399 Johnson Lam Pui Hung & Anderson Lam Hin Yue A T Millard D Whyte 1600 1.34.93
2013-01-20 331 GLORIOUS DAYS M353 Tom Brown’s Syndicate J Size D Whyte 1600 1.33.75
2014-01-19 340 BLAZING SPEED P192 Fentons Racing Syndicate A S Cruz M Demuro 1600 1.33.91
2015-01-25 344 ABLE FRIEND P303 Dr & Mrs Cornel Li Fook Kwan J Moore J Moreira 1600 1.33.50
2016-01-31 365 GIANT TREASURE T148 Pan Sutong R Gibson C Soumillon 1600 1.34.16
2017-01-30 379 HELENE PARAGON V167 Sir Po-shing & Lady Woo, Wilson Woo Ka Wah, Jackson Woo Ka Biu and Dawson Woo Ka Chung J Moore T Berry 1600 1.34.38
2018-01-28 380 SEASONS BLOOM V410 Paul Lo Chung Wai & Kathy Lo Ho Hsiu Lan C S Shum J Moreira 1600 1.34.74






Triple Crown winners are among the rarest species in modern horse racing in Hong Kong.


The other two legs of the Triple Crown are namely:


the Citibank Hong Kong Gold Cup (second leg – 2000M) and


the Standard Chartered Champions & Chater Cup (final leg – 2400M).


The Most Winning Trainer:
5 times by J Size


The Most Winning Jockey:
5 times by B Marcus





Very few horses can blend speed with stamina and endurance to compete with the very best in 1,600m, 2,000m and 2,400m races, within five months.


1993-11-28, RIVER VERDON remained as the only runner in Hong Kong’s racing history to have ever achieved this historical feat.


Winner list has 7 Horses of the Year:








Stewards’ Cup – video showcase

Stewards’ Cup – photo gallery





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