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  1. 競馬 says:

    1944年底「跑木」。在公眾席上端,以繩子吊起木, 把木放在某一角度,然後用一個特製的閘閘著,當馬迷投駐完畢後,閘門打開,木就同時從鐵繩滑下

  2. 競馬 says:

    In February 1884, panel of officials: The Hon. Phineas Ryrie, the HKJC Founding Chairman, was the Starter.

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      • e70536 says:

        三十年代時,賽所用的「閘」,是用一條長竹把一個類似排球網的網串起, 然後在跑道左右兩邊豎兩根木柱,裝上彈弓彈網,攔在出賽匹前 面。

  4. rewon says:

    In 1925 the Rules of Racing underwent a general revision. The Starter’s powers were increased, to enable him to fine riders for misconduct at the post.

  5. e70536 says:

    David Sassoon’s HERO, a famous pony of the 1890s, had one interesting characteristic. He refused to face the Starter unless accompanied to the post by his stable companion DOLORES

  6. e70536 says:

    1030 就點都唔改為 1000M, 1400M 起步無耐就第一次過終點.

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