Sir Catchick Paul CHATER 1846-1926

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  1. myhorse says:

    1892-1926, Sir Catchick Paul CHATER serving the longest term of HKJC chairmanship.

  2. myhorse says:


  3. neckmain says:

    Hong Kong Cricket Club Syndicate named with the word CHATER to their horses.

  4. neckmain says:

    香港木球會團體香港老牌養團體 凡30多年

  5. open2us says:

    Sir Catchick Paul CHATER once said that he had not miss a racing meeting for fifty years since 1872.

  6. open2us says:


  7. circlelo says:

    1904, two of the members present at the original meeting in 1884 were still active as officials — the Chairman, Sir Paul Chater, and the Secretary, Mr John Grant. A race book of that year gives us a complete list of officials. Sir Paul Chater was also the Judge.

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