Sha Tin Trophy

Galloping Horse Flying Swallow





The Sha Tin Trophy is a splendid event organized by HKJC in Sha Tin.

The trophy is a round plate with black border decorated with the title above a series of smaller round plates for inscriptions.

A golden horse at its centre, resembles the Chinese relic of Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow.





The Sha Tin Trophy has long been an early season highlight.

Nowadays, it is a local Group two list race for horses with rating of 100 or above.

The programme has been held on turf of a distance of 1600m.


1978-10-07_3 HKJC inaugurated the Sha Tin Trophy race to celebrate the opening of the Sha Tin Racecourse.

SILVER LINING was the inaugural winner.

After the race, Lady MacLehose presented the Sha Tin Trophy to Owner Mr. Sanford Yung.

It has since become an annual event.





Date Jockey No Horse Brand Trainer weight Owner Race time
1978-10-07_3 W Hartack 1 SILVER LINING AL178 C L Ng 142 Sanford Yung 1.35.50
1979-11-04_5 P Miers 5 MYSTIQUE AM166 R Burns 126 H Gilmore 1.38.20
1980-11-01_4 G W Moore 1 EXCALBUR AN104 G Moore 140 Li & Fenton 1.35.20
1981-10-24_4 P Leyshan 1 SILVER LINING AL178 G Moore 144 Sanford Yung 1.35.70
1982-11-21_4 S Morris 3 PLOT RATIO AP099 F Carr 120 Law Shook-yuen 1.39.50
1983-11-06_5 A S Cruz 1 CO-TACK DS12l T P Wong 150 Tsui Tak Kong & Tsui Tak Suen 1.33.30
1984-11-17_4 G W Moore 1 GILGIT AS142 G Moore 150 Mr & Mrs Alan Li Fook Sum 1.34.90
1985-11-16_3 G W Moore 4 DISTINCTION BB092 J Moore 125 Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun 1.35.40
1986-11-09_4 R Vance 1 GIACOMETTI BB087 L Fownes 119 Mr & Mrs W M Sulke 1.35.40
1987-11-22_4 W Woods 13 FAIR PLAYER BB179 S T Wong 116 Tung Chao U 1.38.40
1988-10-30_4 J K S Ho 7 GOLDEN WHEAT BB098 P M Chu 118 Wong Kam Hung & Wong Kam Ming 1.36.60
1989-10-21_6 B Thomson 4 STAR MARK BE114 P C Kan 125 Mr & Mrs Patrick Y Au-Yeung 1.34.80
1990-10-20_6 N Tiley 1 QUICKEN AWAY BE121 B K Ng 136 Lo Sing Pui 1.35.60
1991-10-12_6 B Marcus 3 VICTORY LANTERN BE030 J Moore 127 Dexter Man Hung Cho 1.37.10
1992-10-11_6 K H Ting 11 RIGHT WAY BJ249 P C Kan 114 The Executors of the Estate of the late Samuel Ping Wai Wong 1.35.00
1993-10-09_4 B Marcus 3 FORTUNE LEADER BJ226 D Hill 139 Van Joh Wo 1.35.30
1994-10-08_4 B York 3 SURVEY KING BK072 J Moore 135 Mak Kang Hoi 1.35.70
1995-10-07_4 H K Yim 4 HELENE STAR BJ191 P L Biancone 126 Mr & Mrs Woo Po Shing & Cheung Wai Hing 1.34.90
1996-10-06_4 H K Cheung 7 RIGHT WAY BJ249 P C Kan 119 The Executors of the Estate of the late Samuel Ping Wai Wong 1.35.40
1997-10-05_4 B Marcus 8 SMASHING PUMPKIN BP173 D A Hayes 116 Fame & Fortune Syndicate 1.34.50
1998-10-10_6 E Saint-Martin 1 INDIGENOUS BP103 I W Allan 135 Mr & Mrs Pang Yuen Hing 1.35.20
1999-10-09_7 A Munro 9 DESERT FOX BT051 D Oughton 113 Paul Kan Man Lok 1.34.60
2000-10-22_8 M de Montfort 4 BILLION WIN BP218 T K Ng 126 C K Hui 1.33.90
2001-10-21_9 S King 14 SHAXI FORTUNE BT096 K W Lui 115 Raymond Pang Hung Fai 1.34.20
2002-10-20_9 D Whyte 1 SUPER MOLLY A043 D A Hayes 119 Gaga Racing Syndicate 1.34.70
2003-10-19_9 W C Marwing 6 SELF FLIT B322 I W Allan 129 Tony Cheung Tze Tung & Siu Pak Kwan 1.34.20
2004-10-17_8 B Prebble 13 AIN’T HERE C288 D A Hayes 118 Robert Ng Chee Siong 1.34.00
2005-10-16_8 Y T Cheng 12 BEST GIFT D296 J Moore 118 Leung Chung Shan 1.34.20
2006-10-15_8 S Dye 8 GREEN TREASURE D225 C Fownes 118 Roger Li Ka Chun 1.33.50
2007-10-21_9 D Whyte 1 DOWN TOWN G054 C H Yip 120 Toby Lam Kai To & John Chan Siu Tan 1.33.10
2008-10-26_9 D Beadman 2 VIVA PATACA G096 J Moore 133 Stanley Ho Hung Sun 1.34.71
2009-10-25_8 B Doyle 9 PACKING WINNER E334 L Ho 123 Lee Wan Keung 1.34.67
2010-10-24_8 B Doyle 6 THUMBS UP K005 C Fownes 126 Leung Chung Shan 1.33.56
2011-10-30_10 M Chadwick 3 CALIFORNIA MEMORY L135 A S Cruz 130 Howard Liang Yum Shing 1.34.75
2012-10-28_9 Z Purton 1 AMBITIOUS DRAGON K399 A T Millard 133 Johnson Lam Pui Hung & Anderson Lam Hin Yue 1.33.59
2013-10-27_8 O Doleuze 6 GOLD-FUN P045 R Gibson 123 Pan Sutong 1.34.05
2014-10-26_9 Z Purton 3 MILITARY ATTACK N175 C Fownes 133 Canny Leung Chi Shan 1.34.37
2015-10-25_8 J Moreira 10 CONTENTMENT S391 J Size 120 Benson Lo Tak Wing 1.33.79
2016-10-23_9 K Teetan 4 DESIGNS ON ROME P270 J Moore 133 Cheng Keung Fai 1.35.36
2016-10-22_8 K C Leung 7 BEAUTY GENERATION V380 J Moore 118 Patrick Kwok Ho Chuen 1.33.56




1991/1992 racing season, group race system was adopted by HKJC .

Sha Tin Trophy was upgraded to Hong Kong Group three.

Sha Tin Trophy thus became the first list race in the history of the Hong Kong racing.

2008/2009, it had been sponsored by the Mission Hills Golf Club for three years, until 2010/2011.

2011, Sha Tin Trophy has been upgraded to Hong Kong Group two races.

2012 and onwards, the event has been sponsored by the Oriental Watch Company.





Sha Tin Trophy has always been no shortage of top players’ participation.

Many winners are Dery winners or crowned as Hong Kong Horse of the Year.





Happy Valley Trophy – 《RacingMemories.HK》



Acknowledgment to HKJC Racing Registry for offering relevant records.





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