Sha Tin Mile Trophy

First show of the talent; Last trophy of the season





The Sha Tin Mile Trophy is a silver-gilt trophy and including the stand measures nineteen inches in height.

1828, the Sha Tin Mile trophy was made in London.

It has been made more than 175 years ago.





The Sha Tin Mile Trophy races have been run at a distance of 1600m on the turf at Sha Tin Racecourse.

They were yearly races except the year of 2007.

This domestic Group 3 events, recently carrying $ 2,200,000 prize money have been programmed.

A Steward of HKJC, usually presents the trophy to the winning owner after the race.

In addition, the owner, trainer and jockey of the winning horse each receives a silver dish.


1998-05-03_7, the inaugural race of Sha Tin Mile Trophy was originally named the Sha Tin Futurity Trophy.

That has been established by the Stewards to replace the former Centurion Trophy since the 1997/98 season.

This race is open to all horses of three years old and upwards.

They have not won an International or Hong Kong Group 1 race of that season.





Date R_no Jockey Horse Trainer Race time Owner
1998-05-03 _7 B Marcus INDIGENOUS I W Allan 1.36.90 Pang Yuen Hing
1999-05-12 _2 E Legrix HO HO P L Biancone 1.34.90 Paul So Wing Keung
2000-05-13 _8 R Fradd HELENE EXPRESS D A Hayes 1.36.20 Dawson Woo, Jackson Woo, Wilson Woo & Carmen Woo
2001-06-03 _10 J Egan JEUNE KING PRAWN P F Yiu 1.35.20 Mr & Mrs Lau Sak Hong
2002-06-01 _5 E Saint-Martin GOLCONDA I W Allan 1.34.80 George Tso
2003-06-14 _3 F Coetzee CITIZEN KANE A S Cruz 1.37.90 Multi-Lucky Stars Syndicate
2004-06-12 _7 D Whyte STAY YOUNG J Moore 1.34.90 Luk King Tin
2005-06-26 _10 C Williams PRETTY TRIO A Lee 1.38.10 Sammy Ma Hon Kit, Raymond Tse Kwai Cheong & Colin Tong Kin Wing
2006-07-02 _10 D Whyte ARMADA J Size 1.34.70 Wong Yuk Lun
2008-07-01 _11 O Doleuze EXCELLENT BOY C Fownes 1.34.80 Back Room Boys Syndicate
2009-07-01 _11 W C Marwing JACKPOT DELIGHT C Fownes 1.34.88 Peter Law Kin Sang
2010-07-11 _8 W C Marwing CHATER WAY D E Ferraris 1.34.66 HK Cricket Club Syndicate
2011-07-10 _10 D Beadman SILVER GRECIAN J Moore 1.35.16 Siu Pak Kwan
2012-07-15 _11 T Clark DAN EXCEL J Moore 1.35.10 David Philip Boehm
2013-07-07 _9 T Berry DESIGNS ON ROME J Moore 1.36.30 Cheng Keung Fai
2014-07-06 _11 J Moreira WONDERFUL MOMENTS J Size 1.33.98 Philip Ma King Huen & Bankee Kwan Pak Hoo
2015-07-12 _9 J Moreira CONTENTMENT J Size 1.33.62 Benson Lo Tak Wing
2016-07-10 _9 J Moreira HELENE PARAGON J Moore 1.33.33 Sir Po-shing & Lady Woo, Jackson Woo Ka Biu, Dawson Woo Ka Chung and The Executors of the Estate of the late Wilson Woo Ka Wah
2017-07-16 _9 K C Ng TIME WARP A S Cruz 1.35.39 Martin Siu Kim Sun
2018-07-15 _8 Z Purton RISE HIGH C Fownes 1.34.45 Au-dela Syndicate
2019-07-14 _8 G Van Niekerk HARMONY VICTORY C S Shum 1.32.82 Yue Yun Hing






2008-07-01 and thereafter, the Sha Tin Mile Trophy have been featured at the season finale day meeting.

The final fixtures of the Hong Kong racing season,usually take place at Sha Tin Racecourse on Sunday.

Sha Tin Mile Trophy, a class 1 handicap race being the main event has drawn talented gallopers.

Each would aim at one last moment in the spotlight before settling down to a well-earned summer of rest.





Sha Tin Mile Trophy winners have been a mixed bag though all are top class horses.

Sometimes like SILVER GRECIAN or WONDERFUL MOMENTS, who didn’t quite go on to greatness.

But other superstars like DAN EXCEL in 2012 and DESIGNS ON ROME two years ago, who did.





Champions Mile – 《RacingMemories.HK》



Acknowledgment to HKJC Racing Registry for offering relevant records.





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