Second Royal Visit by the Queen

An International Event with a Tradition


1986-10-22, The Queen returned to Hong Kong for her second Royal Visit.


She presented the QE II Cup trophy at Sha Tin racecourse.


With Chairman Sir Michael Sandberg introduction, Tony Cruz shaking hand with Queen Elizabeth the Second.


Trainer Gerry Ng Chi Lam also talked with the Queen in the Parade Ring.


The specially featured race was won by the 20-1 outsider Forever Gold (by Whistling Deer).


It is an English Private Purchase owned by Mr & Mrs E C Lowe.


Trained by Gordon Smyth.


Ridden by Chinese Jockey Tony P H Chan.



The Queen Elizabeth II Cup is a Group One Thoroughbred horse race at Sha Tin Racecourse in the New Territories, Hong Kong.


Established in 1975 by the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, it is run annually in April at a distance of 2,000 metres (ten furlongs) on turf.



The Race With Royalty and Elegance


Prior to 1997 it was run at 2,200 metres (eleven furlongs). Sponsored by renowned Swiss Watchmaker Audemars Piguet since 1999, it currently offers a purse of HK$14 million (US$1.8 million).





1975-05-05 the QE II Cup was inaugurated to commemorate the Royal Visit to Hong Kong by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. at the Happy Valley Racecourse, held a distance of 1575 meters on sand.


The Club, RHKJC Chairman, The Hon. P G Williams, and other Stewards greeted the Royal Couple before the race and the crowd cheered at the Presentation ceremony of the cup by Queen Elizabeth II.


The win by outsider NAZAKAT gave the race an international flavour, since the winning owner, Mr & Mrs H T Barma, were Hong Kong Indian residents, the trainer, H M Cheung, was local Chinese, and the jockey, A K Cheam, was Singaporean.


About 40,000 people were at Happy Valley for the race.



1986-10-22, The Queen returned to Hong Kong to award the QE II Cup trophy at Sha Tin racecourse.


The royal renewal was won by FOREVER GOLD (by Whistling Deer), an English Private Purchase.


The 20-1 outsider was owned by Mr & Mrs E C Lowe and trained by G Smyth and ridden by P H Chan.



1999 and there-after, it has been sponsored by renowned Swiss Watchmaker Audemars Piguet


2000 and onwards, HKJC has set up a bonus, HK $ one million . If any horse can win one of the Hong Kong International Races (Hong Kong Cup / Hong Kong Mile / Hong Kong Vase / Hong Kong Sprint), and take away the Audemars Piguet QE II Cup in the same racing season, the horse owner can obtain this additional money .


2001 and there-after, Audemars Piguet QE II Cup entered International Group I.


2002, gained inclusion in the former World Racing Championships (former World Series Racing Championship) .

The first winner of the bonus was Japanese contender EISHIN PRESTON, who defeated another Japanese horse, AGNES DIGITAL, by half a length to win the Cup, after capturing the Hong Kong Mile (International G1-1600M) four months earlier.


2006, race saw IRRIDESCENCE upset the great filly and European Horse of the Year, OUIJA BOARD. Since becoming a Group One race in 2001, every winner of the Audemars Piguet Queen Elizabeth II Cup has been a descendant of NORTHERN DANCER.


2011, Prize money for the race increases 280 times





JOCKEYS winning the QE II Cup twice (with the latest shown at the top)

Jockey Season Horse
(Country / Region Representing)
W C Marwing
Viva Pataca (Hong Kong)
W C Marwing
Irridescence (South Africa )
Y Fukunaga 2002/2003 Eishin Preston (Japan)
Y Fukunaga 2001/2002 Eishin Preston (Japan)
D Whyte 1997/1998 Oriental Express (Hong Kong)
D Whyte 1996/1997 London News (South Africa)
M Kinane 1994/1995* Red Bishop (UAE)
M Kinane 1993/1994 Deerfield
A S Cruz 1983/1984 Yau Wai
A S Cruz 1982/1983 Fire Ball

* The QE II Cup has become an international event since that season.

TRAINERS winning the QE II Cup twice or more (with the latest shown at the top)

Trainer Season Horse
(Country / Region Representing)
J Moore
Viva Pataca (Hong Kong)
J Moore
Viva Pataca (Hong Kong)
M de Kock
Archipenko (South Africa)
M de Kock
Irridescence (South Africa)
S Kitahashi 2002/2003 Eishin Preston (Japan)
S Kitahashi 2001/2002 Eishin Preston (Japan)
P C Kan 1999/2000 Industrialist (Hong Kong)
P C Kan 1990/1991 Galway
P C Kan 1988/1989 Star Mark
P C Kan 1984/1985 Champion Joker
D Hill 1992/1993 Muhim
D Hill 1991/1992 River Verdon
T P Wong 1983/1984 Yau Wai
T P Wong 1982/1983 Fire Ball
M K Tam 1979/1980 Allegro
M K Tam 1976/1977 Wing Take
H M Cheung 1977/1978 Nazakat
H M Cheung 1974/1975 * Nazakat

*The QE II Cup was first run that season.

OWNERS winning the QE II Cup twice (with the latest shown at the top)

Owner Season Horse
(Country / Region Representing)
Stanley Ho Hung Sun
Viva Pataca (Hong Kong)
Stanley Ho Hung Sun
Viva Pataca (Hong Kong)
Toyomitsu Hirai 2002/2003 Eishin Preston (Japan)
Toyomitsu Hirai 2001/2002 Eishin Preston (Japan)
Oswald Cheung & Ronald Arculli 1991/1992 River Verdon
Oswald Cheung & Ronald Arculli 1978/1979 Go-Getter
Mr & Mrs H T Barma 1977/1978 Nazakat
Mr & Mrs H T Barma 1974/1975* Nazakat

* The QE II Cup was first run that season.





There is no doubt that the APQEII Cup has captured worldwide attention from owners and trainers in the last decade.





South African Jockeys and Trainers have remarkable records with this trophy race.


Many top-class champions including Vengeance of Rain, Irridescence, Viva Pataca and Archipenko have all continued to build their reputations after taking the APQEII Cup.







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Royal Visit 1975-05-05 Happy Valley Racecourse – 《RacingMemories.HK》


Acknowledgement to Mr Peter YUEN for supplying data.

Acknowledgement to Mr T H BARMA for supplying photos.





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