Sassoon Challenge Cup


Sino-Indian Merchant Empire


1884, the Hon. F. D. Sassoon was a name among the Founding HKJC Stewards.


His family members were also appointed as Stewards in later years.


1970s, there was a remarkable fact before and after the professionalization of Hong Kong racing record:


For those who had special contributions to the cause of Hong Kong horse racing, only two had the distinction of having trophies named after them.


They are Victor Sassoon and George Macgregor.


Victor Sassoon came from a family which had very strong ties with’ the old China Coast racing, dating back to the era of “treaty ports”.


He was a Jewish businessman of British descent from Baghdad who made millions trading opium, real estate and racing horses.


His most famous quote was “there is only one race greater than the Jews and that’s the Derby.”


His most famous possession was the Cathay Hotel, where the rich and famous wined and dined.



Mesopotamian Jewish Dynasty


Victor Sassoon was an influential figure in Shanghai and Hong Kong racing.


1937 and thereafter, he withdrew from China four months before the Japanese invasion.


1938 autumn, all sign of his ‘Morn’ and ‘Eve’ stables had vanished from races in Asia.


1951-03-24, Annual Meeting, a new trophy appeared in the Hong Kong race card.


It has been recalling the early years of racing — the Sassoon Challenge Cup.


The trophy was presented by that horse-loving family.


That Inaugural Sassoon Challenge Cup race was taken by the redoubtable SKYMASTER.


The Sassoon (with Sassoon Cup) and the Champions (with Chater Cup) were the only two “open” events in the programmes.


1953-04-04. KNOCK-DOWN (Mr Robert Tsai) won Sassoon Challenge Cup.


1962-04-07, Sassoon Challenge Cup was won by Wayfoong’s WALBROOK (Mr A L Middleton).


So far as can be traced, this was the first Sassoon Cup ever won by the Hong Kong Bank Mess stable.





Race Date Hor No. Horse Name Jockey Trainer Owner Loc. Track Dist. R. Time
1980-05-31 AN104 EXCALIBUR G W Moore Moore G. Li & Fenton ST GRASS 1600 1.37.60
1981-05-30 AM167 GREAT SUCCESS A S Cruz Tam M.K. Leung Sik Wah HV GRASS 1650 1.40.80
1982-04-12 AP098 VILLA D’AGUANTE G W Moore Moore G. Dr David Lee Tsing HV GRASS 1235 1.13.10
1983-02-15 AT134 BORN FREE Y S Wong Chan A. Leung Chi HV SAND 1575 1.42.20
1984-02-04 AT151 GAY EIGHTIES B Taylor Cheng T.C. Dr Douglas Laing HV GRASS 1800 1.49.30
1985-02-22 BA086 MYSTIC Y P Chan Ng B.K. Robert J Lee Yu Sheng HV SAND 1400 1.28.10
1985-10-12 BA064 YUNO WHEN B Raymond Kan P.C. D C da Silva HV GRASS 1650 1.40.70
1987-01-31 BB128 HANDCLAP A S Cruz Kan P.C. Tam Chung Shing HV GRASS 1650 1.40.00
1988-02-19 BC105 GOLD BELT W H Tse Kan P.C. Mr & Mrs U Tat Ming HV GRASS 1650 1.42.70
1989-04-15 BE121 QUICKEN AWAY F C Lor Ng B.K. Lo Sing Pui ST GRASS 1200 1.12.80
1990-04-07 BA137 SATURNIAN T Ives Collingwood E. Wong Chung Hin HV TURF 1235 1.13.50
1991-04-13 BG380 CARRY ON WINNING C W Choi Wong T.P. Sammy Chow Choi Leng ST TURF 1000 0.56.60
1992-04-08 BJ228 MOTIVATION B Marcus Moore J. Mr & Mrs Hui Sai Fun HV TURF 2400 2.34.30
1993-04-12 BH183 HOUSE HONOUR M Kinane Ng T.K. Yu Sun Say HV TURF 1650 1.40.90
1994-04-23 BG380 CARRY ON WINNING G Childs Wong T.P. Sammy Chow Choi Leng ST TURF 1200 1.09.70
1995-04-22 BM108 MR VITALITY B Marcus Allan I.W. Larry C K Yung ST TURF 1200 1.10.10
1996-04-24 BM023 RAJPUT D Oliver Fownes L. R T Samtani HV TURF 2200 2.19.00
1996-10-12 BM108 MR VITALITY B Marcus Allan I.W. Larry C K Yung ST TURF 1200 1.09.80
1997-10-18 BN003 SHINNECOCK HILLS Y S Wong Hayes D.A. Paul Cheng Ming Fun& Robert B Taylor ST TURF 1400 1.23.30





Sassoon Road is a road in Sandy Bay on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.


It is named after Sir Victor Sassoon.


The area is associated with affluence and wealth. Many of Hong Kong‘s wealthy live in this area, including Henry Fok (house nicknamed ‘Fok Villas’).


1961, The Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation was created after Sir Victor Sassoon Bart GBE died from heart complications.


His widow, Lady Sassoon requested that in lieu of flowers, donations were to be made to the local heart associations in his memory.





From Retrievable Racing Records:-


The Most Winning Trainers:
3 times by George Moore, 3 times by Brian P C Kan


The Most Winning Jockeys:
3 times by Gary Moore, 3 times by Basil Marcus


The Most Winning Owners:
Mr Larry C K Yung, twice


The Most Winning Horses:





Victor Sassoon – Wikipedia Record File – HKJC


Acknowledgement To Mr YU Chi Hung for supplying and verifying data.





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