8 Responses to RIVER VERDON (BG302)

  1. cellrico says:

    After 5 successive wins, RIVER VERDON ridden by Matthias had his first defeat by Basil Marcus in SHA TIN TROPHY

  2. cellrico says:

    翠河 9歲 才遠征墨爾本!

  3. e70536 says:

    1994 mid-September, RIVER VERDON opened his Melbourne tour with a Sha Tin win over 2,300 metres.

  4. e70536 says:

    翠河贏3冠馬王 難度非常高, 因三埸賽事路程唔同

  5. iankleyou says:

    Hong Kong has never had a horse like RIVER VERDON and we may not see his like again.

  6. iankleyou says:

    91年翠河贏國際賽, 引證香港仍有能力一鬥外隊

  7. 競馬 says:

    Marshall finished 11th in the Cox Plate; 25 lengths behind JEUNE in the Melbourne Cup.

  8. 競馬 says:

    每次 翠河 都多以大熱門出賽!

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