6 Responses to RED BISHOP (BM324)

  1. rewon says:

    1994香港瓶冠軍”紅主教“, 雖然代表法國, 但卻是在美國出生培育。

  2. rewon says:

    2008-06-10, RED BISHOP‘s sire SILVER HAWK, has been euthanized at the age of 29 due to the infirmities of old age.

  3. RicoCell says:

    The International Vase may have been merely the second 2,400 metres race staged at Sha Tin but the winner, Red Bishop, recorded a time, which in theory, would have won him any Caulfield Cup ever run.

  4. aheadq says:

    艾謀信騎.紅主教 坐box坐到last 50M..先突圍都win到..從未見過和想像果種反先發力後勁!

  5. aheadq says:

    Kinane: “I was always where I wanted to be through the race and when I asked him to go at the top of the straight, he just took off and flew. He left them for dead.”

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