Queen Mother’s Cup

Queen Mother's Cup


A Gracious Royal Legacy


1980-08-04 the occasion of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother‘s 80th birthday.


Her Majesty was graciously pleased to accede to a request by the Stewards to inaugurate a race, to be known as the Queen Mother‘s Cup.




Stayer Races Testing Endurance


1981-07-03 Inaugural Queen Mother‘s Cup Sandown Racecource Hong Kong Day.


1982-04-17 the race continues to be run annually in Hong Kong.


2002-03-31 the Queen Mother passed away.


2002-06-09 renamed as Queen Mother Memorial Cup race.





Date Horse Owner Trainer Jockey Dist.
1981-07-02 GALVESTON W Carson
1982-04-17 TOP CHAMP K C Tse M K Tam P Paquet 2250
1983-05-14 DUDLEY WOOD Mrs KWOK Siang Po, Kong Sum Ying S T Wong K S Wong 2200
1984-05-19 MIDAS TOUCH Irene So S T Wong P Young 2200
1985-05-18 GREAT SPEED Sydney Leong Siu Wing D Kent P H Chan 2250
1986-05-24 MOULTON BOY J L C Pearce A Ward P Leyshan 2200
1987-05-24 DUDLEY WOOD Kong Sum Ying T P Wong P Leyshan 2200
1988-05-21 ALWAYS WIN C K Hui L Fownes A S Cruz 2200
1989-05-28 STINGRAY Annie Wang J Moore G Allendorf 2200
1990-05-27 RELIABLE SOURCE Charles Lui Chi Keung B K Ng D Murphy 2200
1991-05-26 WONDERFUL WORLD Anthony Yip Wai Kwan K C Lo C H Yip 2200
1992-05-31 RANCHER Dickson Poon P L Biancone G Mosse 2450
1993-05-29 FORTUNE LEADER Van Joh Wo D Hill B Marcus 2450
1994-05-28 FORTUNE DUKE Wong Kok Wah G Lane L O’Sullivan 2450
1995-05-27 CRICKET LORD Kowloon Cricket Club Syndicate L Fownes L O’Sullivan 2400
1996-06-01 MAZAL Mr & Mrs Ronald Abram D Oughton J Marshall 2400
1997-05-31 MAZAL Mr & Mrs Ronald Abram D Oughton E Saint-Martin 2400
1998-05-30 FAT CHOY TOGETHER Fortuna Syndicate P C Kan W Y Kan 2400
1999-05-29 HO HO Paul So Wing Keung P L Biancone E Legrix 2400
2000-06-17 IDOL Wong Chi Muk S T Wong W C Marwing 2400
2001-06-09 RAINBOW AND GOLD Hui Chun Fui P C Kan E Legrix 2400
2002-06-09 CARACOLER George Tong Kwo Kiun D A Hayes W Woods 2400
2003-05-10 SUPREME RABBIT Hon Ming Kong A S Cruz F Coetzee 2400
2004-05-08 INDUSTRIAL SUCCESS Industrial Buddies Racing Synd. C H Yip D Whyte 2400
2005-05-07 SATURN Estate of the late Alan F S Li C Fownes R Fradd 2400
2006-05-07 DR WELL Dr & Mrs Peter Kook J Size C Munce 2400
2007-05-12 EVER BRIGHT Mr & Mrs Arthur C M Wong P O’Sullivan D Nikolic 2400
2008-05-04 EVER BRIGHT Mr & Mrs Arthur C M Wong P O’Sullivan B Prebble 2400
2009-05-01 MR MEDICI Mr & Mrs Allen Shi Lop Tak L Ho H W Lai 2400
2010-05-08 FAT CHOY ICHIBAN Fortuna Syndicate C H Yip Y T Cheng 2400
2011-05-07 SUPER PISTACHIO Eugene Chuang Yue Chien A S Cruz M Chadwick 2400
2012-05-06 DOMINANT 10/11 John Moore Trainer Synd. J Moore D Whyte 2400
2013-05-05 DOMINANT 10/11 John Moore Trainer Synd. J Moore Z Purton 2400
2014-05-04 BUBBLE CHIC Edmond Siu Kim Ping D J Hall K Teetan 2400
2015-05-09 HELENE HAPPY STAR Sir Po-shing & Lady Woo, Wilson Woo Ka Wah & Jackson Woo Ka Biu J Moore N Callan 2400
2016-04-24 AMBITIOUS CHAMPION Johnson Lam Pui Hung & Anderson Lam Hin Yue R Gibson C Schofield 2400
2017-04-30 EAGLE WAY Siu Pak Kwan J Moore J Moreira 2400
2018-05-06 EXULTANT Eddie Wong Ming Chak & Wong Leung Sau Hing A S Cruz Z Purton 2400
2019-05-05 HO HO KHAN Jessica Lee Man Yi, Ho Chi Ho, Alan Ho Yuk Lun & Cheung Siu Hing D J Hall C Y Ho 2400





1991-05-26 Dennis C H Yip won on WONDERFUL WORLD trained by Eddie K C Lo.


1998-05-30 the first and so far lady jockey, Willie W Y Kan won on FAT CHOY TOGETHER trained by P C Kan, owned by Fortuna Syndicate.


2004-05-08 Dennis C H Yip trained INDUSTRIAL SUCCESS won the cup.


2010-05-08 Dennis C H Yip won the cup again for Fortuna Syndicate with FAT CHOY ICHIBAN.



John Moore was the 5-time winning trainer.





The trophy, made by Garrard of London more than 150 years ago.


It features as the centrepiece a mounted hunter carrying a musical instrument with a delicately carved deer.


1856 The trophy was presented by Queen Victoria to the winning owner Tom Parr’s FISHERMAN for the 1856 Ascot Gold Vase.


1981-07-03 The piece was acquired in London by the Club’s former Steward Mr Simon Li who presented it to RHKJC.





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