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The Queen of the Sport; The Sport of the Queen





Sport of kings, the proverbial phrase for hunting and (now, most usually) horse-racing, although the earliest uses of the expression related to war.
Thoroughbred racing was, and is, popular with the aristocrats and royalty of British society, earning it the title “Sport of Kings”.
Queen Elizabeth II, however, could be the prominent Queen in the Sport of Kings.





1926-04-21, Elizabeth was born in London to the Duke and Duchess of York, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
Her enthusiasm for racing was nurtured by her parents.
From an early age, Elizabeth has had a keen interest in horses.
1952, Elizabeth owns many thoroughbred horses for use in racing, having inherited several on the death of her father King George VI.


1952-02-06, the accession of Queen Elizabeth II was a milestone in history of the world as well as HKJC.


1953-06-02, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as monarch took place, exactly 8 years before HKJC was royalized through an unsmoothing procedure.


Into her reign this has developed into one of her main leisure time activities, with a particular emphasis on the breeding of thoroughbreds for horse racing.
Thereafter, Her Majesty’s horses have won many many races, especially in thoroughbred flat racing.





1975-05-05, the night races for the Queen‘s inaugural royal visit to Hong Kong were named after some of the outstanding Royal horses.
Handicaps named after HIGHCLERE, AUREOLE, PALL MALL, ALMERIA, with the inaugural QEII Cup made the list of that programme.


The Royal Colours: Purple,gold braid, scarlet sleeves, black velvet cap with gold fringe.
Her registered racing colours (termed silks), as worn by the jockeys riding her race horses, are the same as those used by her father King George VI, and great-grandfather, King Edward VII.
1977, the Queen led-in Lester Piggott and her first Classic winner, CARROZZA, after victory of the Oaks.
There is a list of famous jockeys rode and won for the Queen, including L. Piggot, W.Carson, J Mercer, P Eddery and R Moore.


Horse races named after Elizabeth II include:
Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup Stakes
Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Cup
Queen Elizabeth II Stakes
Queen Elizabeth II Cup (HKJC)
Queen Elizabeth II Cup (Canbera)
Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Cup (JRA)
Queen‘s Plate (Woodbine)





Horses owned by the Queen have won over 1,600 races, including every one of the five British Classic Races, some multiple times, with the exception of the Epsom Derby.
She was named British flat racing Champion Owner in 1954 and 1957, the first reigning monarch ever to do so twice.
According to the media, she doesn’t bet on horses and is instead said to derive more interest from the outcome of a successful breeding match.
She is said to read the Racing Post over breakfast every morning.
Elizabeth II takes a keen interest in the breeding of her horses, and is the patron of the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association.
She makes regular visits to observe and assess her animals first hand from birth and beyond.





1974, Elizabeth II’s interest in horses was the subject of a documentary title 《The Queen‘s Race Horses: a Private View》, which she herself narrated.
2013, as part of the 60th anniversary coronation celebrations, Clare Balding presented the BBC documentary 《The Queen: a Passion for Horses》.
A charming interview with Princess Anne whose matter-of-factness was a hilarious humorous antidote to the programme’s very reverent tone.
When asked whether horses were in the blood, Princess Anne remarked drily that they were “a natural extension to the pram”.





1961-02-01, after the approval by the Queen, it came the CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION ON CHANGE OF NAME, quoted: “with the approval of His Excellency the Governor now given by me on his behalf under delegated powers, it has changed its name to The Royal*Hong Kong Jockey Club”.
Racing history in Hong Kong marks these records with prominent race-horse owner Queen,Elizabeth II.
1975-05-05, Queen,Elizabeth II attended the night races at Happy Valley and presented the inaugurated QEII Cup.
1986-10-22, Queen,Elizabeth II attended the day races at Sha Tin and presented the QEII Cup again.
2012-12-09_8, 51 years after HKJC became RHKJC, the Queen finally raced her horse at Sha Tin Racecourse.


In the HKJC database, 1 horse with owner “Her Majesty The Queen” is found.
CARLTON HOUSE was steadied when unable to maintain its position between CALIFORNIA MEMORY and SAONOIS. 6 th placed.
Her Majesty The Queen, Hong Kong Cup, CARLTON HOUSE (P612) jockey: R Moore; trainer: Sir M R Stoute


A cross-culture ambiguity exists as 國王(King)和女王(Queen) not 皇帝(Emperor)和女皇(Empress)are translation and interpretation issues confused by the same pronunciation in Cantonese [皇 王 wong4] but not in Mandarin Putonghua [皇 huáng] and [王 wáng].





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