Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester


Royal Knight


Prince Henry of the United Kingdom, Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Ulster and Baron Culloden.

1900-03-31 — 1974-06-10 (aged 74)

He was the son of King George V and Queen Mary, brother to King Edward VIII and George VI, uncle to Elizabeth II, great-grandson of Victoria.

He married Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott and they had two sons, Princes William and Richard.

1944 to 1947, he was Governor General of Australia.


Regal Rider


1929 April, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, called here on his way to Japan in H.M.S. Suffolk, attended an Extra Meeting.

1929-04-27, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester rode in Happy Valley:

That Saturday was a notable event as the last day of his short stay.

His Royal Highness attended the Fourth Extra Meeting, and required little persuasion to ride in four races.

He was the Colony’s guest at a Chinese luncheon, which delayed him: the opening race was put off for half an hour.




Race 1:

the Customs Handicap “A”, Once Round, he piloted PICKLE, of the HSBC manager Mackie and Hynes’ stable.

The Chinese public gambled hopefully upon him, and PICKLE (216 win bets) was made as the Second favourite.

The favorite was Mr Chan Tin-sion’s WINSOME STAG (337), ridden by Mr F. M. L. Soares, in a field of four.

The Duke drew the rails and got away well, behind WINSOME STAG (winner);

but he was last into the straight and barely managed to beat the tactful Mr A. J. P. Heard, on HUNTINGDON, for third place.

Second was IMPERIAL HALL (Mr G. A. Harriman).


Race 2:

the Customs Handicap “B”, The Duke rode (Leung Sai Yan, from Macai) Mr Moon’s O-MOON, in a field of 16.

He was fifth favourite and finished nowhere.

The winners (dead-heat) were Mr Yam Man’s FIFTY FIFTY (Mr Loo Yam-man) and John Peel’s NOUKHAIL (Mr Heard).


Race 3:

the Customs Handicap “C” on KOM TONG HALL in a field of 19.

He carried only 31 bets, compared with the favorite’s 515. Mr R. H. Charles won on Mr Ulster’s ACE OF SPADES.
The Duke was well up in the early stages of the Once Round,

but lost much ground on the rise to the Black Rock.


Race 4:

the Substitute Stakes, one mile at catch weights (10 st. 9 lbs.)

The Duke (158 lbs.) rode Messrs Lau kwai-cheuk and Lee hon-chi, Lau & Lee’s DUKE OF CHANTILLY in a field of only three.

He was a well-backed second favourite (607 tickets).

Mr G. U. da Roza (154 lbs.) on MONTEREY BAY took the lead, but The Duke overhauled him at the Black Rock and for a second showed in front.

Quickly, however, the favorite CHESAPEAKE BAY (Mr G. A. Harriman, 156 lbs.), carrying 722 bets, took charge and won comfortably.

The Duke pulled up at the distance post and cantered in.

He dismounted in the paddock, donned his sports jacket and, with the Governor and their staffs, drove back to Government House.




A big man, His Royal Highness rode long and dwarfed his mounts.

He rode in four races, was third in two and unplaced in the others.

The Suffolk’s departure was delayed two hours.




There is no record of any early Royal guests participated in Hong Kong racing sport.

Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester might be the only blue blood rider in town.




Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester – Wikipedia





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