ZIGAL, Daniel


Successful Heritage


Zigal is a prominent horse owner family in China and Hong Kong racing circle.
Mr Daniel Zigal is the Managing Director of ICD Group International Ltd.


He was born into a family with an innate love for horses.


He is the Club’s longest-serving honorary judge at race meetings.


He is also a member of the Ibis Syndicate.


1996-1997, he was appointed as the President of the Hong Kong Race Owners Association, then Honorary Advisor to Council.



Successive Heirloom


His Russian parents, Leon and Irene Zigal, immigrated to Hong Kong from Shanghai.


1949, they joined the Hong Kong Jockey Club.


1958, TALISMAN was the first horse they owned.


Every Sunday afternoon after swimming at Shek O Beach or Big Wave Bay Beach, the family went to the stables to visit their horse zealously.


Daniel’s interest in horses was inspired and became a lifelong passion because of his parents.


He recalls the days when they enjoyed the races in the Members’ stands while children enjoyed their watching from the infield area.



Chronological Events


1962, unfortunately Mr Zigal‘s father passed away and never having seen his horse winning but only the lead-in by their friends.


Mrs Irene Zigal took over the ownership with a horse named TAMIR that won two races.


She went on to own five more horses, LIBRA, TSAREVITCH, PRINCE IGOR, BOYARIN and PRINCE BAIKAL, all with remarkable success.


PRINCE IGOR was the most outstanding horse with six victories, including the Hong Kong Club Challenge Cup.


1978, Daniel joined the Hong Kong Jockey Club.


1978, Mrs Irene Zigal became a founding member of the Hong Kong Racehorse Owners Association (HKROA).


1980, Daniel took his mother’s place in the HKROA council.


1988, he become an owner though his griffin BOGATIR never made it to the racetrack.


1993, Mrs Irene Zigal sadly passed away,


Daniel inherited her horse PRINCE BAIKAL.


1996, Daniel eventually became the president of HKROA.





Next generation:
At the Zigal household, the fondness for horses unmistakably runs in the family.


Mr Zigal‘s wife, Suzanne, previously helped with the US Olympic Equestrian Team.


His daughter, Jovi, and step-daughter, Caroline, were keen riders at the Club’s Pokfulam and Beas River riding schools.


His son, Danny, who will apply to become the Zigal family’s third-generation full Member, is firmly poised to continue the family tradition of owning these majestic animals.


2013 racing reason, Mr Zigal was a member of Ibis Syndicate, their griffin FLYING IBIS was entered.



Remarks from Mr Daniel Zigal:

“In the late 1970s, HKJC was a club where Members enjoyed socializing at the races as a Saturday and sometimes Sunday afternoon event … while it is still that today, the Club has also evolved into an economic entity with its sheer size of betting turnover. The services that it provides to the community through the Charities Trust are unparalleled in the world. There is no other racing club that provides similar standards of facilities and social services for its Members; it truly is the crown jewel of any racing jurisdiction around the world.”





Racing colors:
Dark blue with light blue diamond sash and cap


Attended and Winning Trainers:
D Belov, G Soffronoff, N Metrevelli, T P Wong


Riding Jockeys:
F Dettori, F Coetzee, P Eddery, E Hide, D Holland, D Whyte, G Childs, E Legrix , G Stevens, B Thomson, S King, W Woods, D Nikolic, B Doyle, L F Chung, C K Tse, D Lee, C H Yip, W H Tse, J K S Ho, C W Choi, W M Lai, K S Yu, T K Law, J P H Chan, W P Hung, C W Mok, etc


Winning Jockeys:
H M Botelho, G H Willams, T C Cheng, A S Cruz, B Marcus, T Quinn, H K Yim, etc





Some of the horses with time and performances owned by the Zigal Family:






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