[:en]ORIENTAL EXPRESS (BP187)[:zh]奔騰 (BP187)[:]

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  1. rewon says:


  2. rewon says:

    The Champion Stayer Award for major achievements at 2200m and above boils down to a choice between Ivan Allan‘s indomitable veteran, Oriental Express, and Rainbow And Gold, the new kid on the block trained by Brian Kan Ping-chee.

  3. WrenSo says:

    On 20 May 2001, the great grey gelding ORIENTAL EXPRESS defeated Rainbow And Gold, Industrial Pioneer and his old rival and stablemate, Indigenous to dispel any prospect of retirement to Mr Yung’s paddocks in England earlier than The International Races in December.

  4. WrenSo says:


  5. aaaaaq says:

    My friend who studied horse management told me that: Rare colour horse! Not easy to realise it’s a grey horse before he was 5 yrs-old!

  6. myhorse says:

    ORIENTAL EXPRESS may be classified as Red Roan.

  7. open2us says:

    奔騰 可能是 Red Roan 花毛, 雜色, 花青色的; 以奎特(Quarter Horse) 較常見

  8. 競馬 says:

    any EISHIN PRESTON 榮進寶蹄?

  9. aheadq says:

    奔騰, 馬房術語稱之為’沙色‘ 或 ‘沙皮

  10. myhorse says:

    Oriental Express almost won everything worth winning in Hong Kong from 1200m to 2400m.

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